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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I Don't Get It...the UN? In Iraq?

Have France, Germany, Russia and the other crooks and charlatans of the Oil For Food Quagmire made restitution for feeding Saddam's Terrorist and Terrorist Supporting Regime for YEARS during the Vastly Ignored and Not Imposed Sanctions made BY the UN, yet?

12 YEARS of it? HELLO?

And "somebody" wants them BACK in? To do what? Bring peace? Not hardly. If ANYONE, INCLUDING GWB, thinks for ONE microsecond that the UN Peace-Keeping Forces are up to the mission at hand in Iraq, merely look back just a relatively short time ago how they "brought about the peace" between Hizbollah and Israel.

Was it not the UN that was HELPING Hizbollah? Was not Hizbollah flying the Hizbollah flag at a UN outpost? While the UN "soldiers" watched? And then whined and complained when Israel took the outpost out?

Hello? Is anybody out there?

Judas Priest. Some people's kids. I swear.

And the idiot that wrote the WaPo article has the audacity to blame the US for the "Iraq Mess".

Suggestion: how about if the politicos knock off the politicizing the War In Iraq and, anywhere else, come together, support the Troops AND The Mission at hand and win the damn war?


Enough already with the BDS bull. EVERYBODY knows it is all BS, this BDS crap and I for one am Sick and Tired of the political rhetoric all in the name of Power and Control.

No "buzz" at memeorandum? Anyone awake over there?