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Monday, August 6, 2007

Lively Discussion On Bombing Religious Sites

Over 2 years ago, Tom Tancredo made a comment about deterrence in regards to the Islamic Menace of which we face in these modern times. This has touched off lively debates among the demented Leftinistra, taking it all out of context, and among the RIGHT Ones, the conservatives. Whereas it is indeed abhorrent to blatantly bomb into submission our enemies by targeting their religious shrines and facilities, the discussion has taken a turn.

Wake Up America has a discussion transpiring that is the PERFECT manner of which to conduct a lively discussion. Perhaps the moonbats would do well to learn how to debate issues with facts as well as opinions, where the facts are readily discernible from the opinions and feelings offered for discussion.

Members of the "group" called Patriots For Conservative Values come from a very wide and diverse background. None of us, however, are "Bushmonoffs". Most of us are grateful that GWB has been the President of the United States these past years in these troubling times. Most of us are grateful that GWB has been the CIC during this Time of War.

There are NONE that are satisfied with GWB on several issues, to wit, the ROE of days past and the Shamnesty atrocity.

ALL of us demand a Victory In Iraq and we have been fighting tooth and nail for that cause to unfold...and we are witnessing a Victory In Iraq unfolding before our very eyes...and the Leftinistra shudder and blink. They know that they are wrong and have been as wrong can be and have used their "wrong headedness" to promote their vile and unpatriotic rantings on their path to the White House and Supreme Lording over The Masses in a communist coup called rigged elections via lies and contemptible gyrations of the contenders.

Unlike the Moonbat Leftinistra that support and promote Defeat In Iraq that have no evidence whatsoever to support their claims of War Crimes perpetrated by the current administration, we conservatives have the facts of the issues on our side.

I posted a comment in the comment board of the thread mentioned above and it was truncated because it was too long. I will finish the comment here as part of this post. The truncated portion will be identified by change in color and setting.
I can see and empathize with both sides.

Having engaged THIS particular enemy on many levels, I DO have the attitude of "kill them all BEFORE they kill us all". It just matters the how and when.

That may be a piss-poor attitude...it may not. It is what it is. Having said that, I will try to wrangle a way to explain it because it is truly complex.

"They" do NOT think like us. ANYTHING we do, honorably or not, matters not to them. Their values of life and death are IDENTICAL to the Asian mindset. That is why the PTO was so horrendous and why GIs went berserk with the flame throwers and facing down the BONZAI! BONZAI! BONZAI!

One of my uncles survived Guadalcanal, Saipan and Iwo Jima...physically. Until the day he died 8 years ago, he could not be in the same proximity of an Asian whether they were American citizens or not. It was what it was. There was no engineered animosity towards the Asian culture and he is said to have cried and cried for days and days if he even saw an Asian.

He would absolutely FUME when he would hear moonbats wine and dine the "Islamic Hordes". He would say, "Kill them all while we have a chance because, one day, they will be here...mark my words".

The Islamic Menace WILL one day possess FUNCTIONAL WMDs and they will NOT hesitate to use them against us.

American SOP, is "like retaliation". You hit us with bio or chemical weapons, it IS THE SAME AS A NUKE and we will strike in like terms. That is the Official Policy in the conduct of war. Very few know this and it is scary that which we face.

Rest assured that there IS a plan and the President ALWAYS has the football nearby. On any given day, targets or potential targets are predetermined and programmed...EVERY DAY, bar none. It merely depends on where the strike is that determines where we strike...how and when. No one speaks of it because it is barbaric and just thinking about it makes my skin crawl.

The barking moonbats are dragging us closer and closer to That Day...mark MY words.

War is hell and war sucks. There is no getting around war. Wars upon wars will always be with us until the end of time.

I do disagree that we should arbitrarily nuke Mecca just because it would piss them off and "maybe" think about what happened and it would also make us feel good...maybe...that we zapped the bastards and good riddance.

"Take THAT raghead!"

Very few ever stops to think about the men that prepare, transport, deliver, upload, arm, target and finally loose the nuke that sends the target into the upper stratosphere.

Very few ever stops to imagine one man taking aim at another and deciding to pull the triggers is like. Until one has actually done just that, the concept will always and forever be foreign and unimaginable.

Tancredo has a point but "The When" is off-base. One has to have The Will to carry out The Bluff when The Bluff is called.

I am confident that Mecca is NOT targeted but the evil thougt of sending the city of Mecca into the stratosphere is bone-chillingly humorous in that, "We sure showed them, eh?" However, at this juncture, my personal take is that is a leap of which we should not partake thereof.

We are indeed better than that and I feel that the nuking of Mecca is an emotion born out of frustration and concern over the evilness of the Jihadis. The Jihadis know what the SOP response to an attack on America via WMDs are but they are correct in that there isn't a single politician that has the cajones to carry it out over fear of "What will people think of me?" bullshit.

We may very well never find out and I pray every day that we never do find out.
And there it is and there you have it. My take. My OPINIONS. My gut call.

If you read the comments on that board, no one attacked anyone. Civil discourse was abundantly clear and that is the way it should be.