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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Manual On Dealing With Protesters?

Since when is the ACLU a branch of government? I classify the ACLU in the same file as CAIR. Round them up and ship them to where they would be more comfortable...among their friends. Certainly, The Still Free United States are NOT their friends.

More whining from the Fruit Loop Brigades.

White House Manual Details How to Deal With Protesters

Not that they're worried or anything. But the White House evidently leaves little to chance when it comes to protests within eyesight of the president. As in, it doesn't want any.

A White House manual that came to light recently gives presidential advance staffers extensive instructions in the art of "deterring potential protest[e]rs" from President Bush's public appearances around the country.

Not worried? Ya. Sure. Then why all the whining?

The article goes on and on describing how the President doesn't want to see the Fruit Loop Brigades but doesn't want them squashed like the cockroaches they are. Dissent is one thing but what these moonbats are doing is NOT dissent.

And then comes along the honorable mention of the Anti-American League of Communists (the founders of the ACLU WERE communists...prove me wrong...try and we will eat your lunch)
The "Presidential Advance Manual," dated October 2002 with the stamp "Sensitive -- Do Not Copy," was released under subpoena to the American Civil Liberties Union as part of a lawsuit filed on behalf of two people arrested for refusing to cover their anti-Bush T-shirts at a Fourth of July speech at the West Virginia State Capitol in 2004. The techniques described have become familiar over the 6 1/2 years of Bush's presidency, but the manual makes it clear how organized the anti-protest policy really is.
Sad. Isn't it?

Hopefully, one day, in my life-time, there will be someone in CONgress that will stand up and show that he or she has a spine and faces this ACLU group down and obliterate their existence. They have done grave damage to this country and her Traditional American Values.

The ACLU fulfills MANY areas in The List of 45.


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