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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

On Troll Trouncing

The self-professed "more left than the leftists" and self-confessed Jihadi Troll has been denied access to and membership in the Patriots for Conservative Values. Imagine that. Such a loser this one is.

8-20-2007 3:52 am from bob@replicaprops.com
Im interested in learning how we are going to prevent the dems from taking the white house from us. I want to know which republican has the best chance of beating Clinton
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8-20-2007 3:58 am from satorisport@hotmail.com
taxes, immigration, gun rights
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8-20-2007 3:55 am from redfox_1969@hotmail.com
Looking for like-minded Americans to promote conservative values among all levels of government leadership.
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More "applications":

8-20-2007 4:05 am from nmlifestyles@charter.net
I believe that the Constitution is the "rule of law" I believe in the literal interpretations of the "bill of rights" I believe that it is everyones Patriotic duty to be involved I don't believe there's ever been a situation that's been that bad that when government gets involved it doesn't get worse! THANX! Chris Lawton Greer, SC 864-325-6400
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8-20-2007 3:37 am from sifu78704@gmail.com
Relevant - 1. Get the Government out of my life! 2. Stop feeding the Military Industrial Complex! 3. Get these fake conservatives out of here! 4. The Constitution! Irrelevant - 1. Abortion 2. Gay marriage 3. The so-called "Christian Right".
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8-20-2007 3:37 am from joe.blocken@gmail.com

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Here's the letter he sent when "turned down" as "sifu":

You people are a bunch of sad individuals.

I'm a Marine veteran of the Gulf war,... so tell me what's the fucking

Are you "Pastor Ed"? Are you the idiot with the sanity problem?

You better get on your knees and pray to your white superman-like god
for some courage and sense!

Patriots for conservative values.... give me a fucking break! Go read
the Constitution and the Bill of Rights for the first time!

We're taking this country back! Either the easy way or the hard way;
it's all up to "patriots" like you!

I wonder.. will you be on the front lines when it all goes down?

Freedom Fighter

"I swear upon the alter of God eternal hostitlity against all forms of
tyranny over the mind of man!" - Thomas Jefferson

Ladies, and Gents, following Bert's advice is bringing out some real nastiness from this guy--and some real desperation to get some attention from us. Hang tight, don't respond, no matter how tempted, keep moderating comments and banning IP's...I expect we'll start getting more IP's to ban any day now, because he's just not used to going this long without a response.

The sad sack just doesn't understand that ITS lies don't go unnoticed one bit. NEVER has IT gotten ITS "stories" straight. Pathological liars act in such manners.

Poor troll...