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Sunday, August 19, 2007

NYT Confirms the "Vaunted Majority" Ain't So Smart

Naturally, they are oblivious to the fact that they have accomplished the confirmation. The writer(s) have attempted, again, to "pass the buck" of blame elsewhere.

I often wonder why the Leftinistra spend so much time blaming others when it would be so much easier to admit their own mistakes which, would result in the Leftinistra gaining some self-dignity and begin working on winning some respect. Until they stop blaming others for their own ineptness, their stupidity is their own.

In regards to the now "legal", even though it was legal before, "Domestic Spying Program, which it wasn't, has the Leftinistra now wondering just what in the hell they actually voted for.

And they dare call GWB the dumbest block head in history? Oh, my!

The dispute illustrates how lawmakers, in a frenetic, end-of-session scramble, passed legislation they may not have fully understood and may have given the administration more surveillance powers than it sought.

It also offers a case study in how changing a few words in a complex piece of legislation has the potential to fundamentally alter the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, a landmark national security law. The new legislation is set to expire in less than six months; two weeks after it was signed into law, there is still heated debate over how much power Congress gave to the president.

Interpretation? The Leftinistra cannot read or, WILL not read.

Several legal experts said that by redefining the meaning of “electronic surveillance,” the new law narrows the types of communications covered in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, known as FISA, by indirectly giving the government the power to use intelligence collection methods far beyond wiretapping that previously required court approval if conducted inside the United States.

These new powers include the collection of business records, physical searches and so-called “trap and trace” operations, analyzing specific calling patterns.

Note to "them": "we" have been doing that for years! Remember Echelon?

One of the main aspects to this, to me anyway, is this; this will be another tool of the Leftinistra to have become another distraction point of contention. I can imagine some idiot DNC presidential aspirant making some lame claim that the President made them vote for it because he used strong-arm tactics. Also, they can claim that they were for it before they realized that they should have been against it but it is too late now and that the President should have known better.

These Leftinistra sure are stupid some times.