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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wars, Battles and Skirmishes At The Southern Border

There are three blogger articles of note today that I would like to embellish on and include a piece from the LATimes.

Michelle Malkin...Newark case update: More arrests, more “undocumented” criminals

Two pieces from Wake Up America:
Sanctuary Cities: A Call To Action
Tell Me Why They Had To Die

Border violence pushes north...Drug cartels extend their reach into Texas and Arizona. Citizens and immigrants alike are victimized.

ATTENTION!!: the below comments/editorializing is NOT meant to be derisive in any shape, manner or form but, pay attention! This is NOT new news...

I and others have been preaching this EXACT "stuff" for YEARS and YEARS and YEARS!!

Wake Up America, in their Call To Action piece stated correctly thus:
Tomorrow is the start of a new day and the start of a not-so-new fight.

Lets bring it to them and demand that they do the right thing.
And then they ask a very good question:
Those that are mourning those three students that were lined up against a wall and shot in the head, executed, are asking why?
For YEARS, as some of you know, I and others regularly patrolled our little portion of the Mexican/Texican border and we experienced many an armed conflict from those that would bring madness, mayhem and an assorted array of illegal activity within the borders of the United States.

As some of you know, from my previous postings elsewhere other than here and the other blogs I write on and for, including the MIT Republican/RINO national embarrassment known as the RNC run GOP blog, I brought to your attention many instances of these conflicts. The moonbats shrieked and shrilled about them. It made no difference either way. I was just hoping to shed some light on the facts of the issues at the borders in the hopes that eventually, the Light would begin to show through the darkness. Apparently, the Light is dim but getting brighter, much to the chagrin of Geraldo Rivera of Al Capone's Vault quagmire fame.
Violent crime along the U.S.-Mexico border, which has long plagued the scrubby, often desolate stretch, is increasingly spilling northward into the cities of the American Southwest.

In Phoenix, deputies are working the unsolved case of 13 border crossers who were kidnapped and executed in the desert. In Dallas, nearly two dozen high school students have died in the last two years from overdoses of a $2-a-hit Mexican fad drug called "cheese heroin."

The crime surge, most acute in Texas and Arizona, is fueled by a gritty drug war in Mexico that includes hostages being held in stash houses, daylight gun battles claiming innocent lives, and teenage hit men for the Mexican cartels. Shipments of narcotics and vans carrying illegal workers on U.S. highways are being hijacked by rival cartels fighting over the lucrative smuggling routes. Fires are being set in national forests to divert police.
Whereas this just might be news to the majority of America, it is most certainly NOT new news to me. I have been in the thick and thickest of this issue. I have been shot at and I have returned fire. Have I "hit" anyone? I sure hope so. I do know that we foiled every attempt we happened upon in our small 10K+ acres of responsibility.

The individuals that merely wanted to sneak in to make a better life for themselves usually complied with instructions to go back. Some refused and we turned them over to the BP.

The individuals that crossed or tried to cross with ill-intent, nearly always "fought it out". Was it an intense Come To Jesus confrontational fire-fight? Generally, no. More often than not, the contest was won by which ever side could make the most noise with the loudest toys. We always won those.

Then, as expressed in private emails and calls, I rendered the experiences not so tame and rather intense. There is a growing in intensity confrontation on the southern borders. There are groups IN THE CONUS that advocate Reconquista of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and southern California. These folks have pretty good bells and whistles when they cross and they are ready to tango and, tango we danced upon many occasions. John Q Public NEVER hears of such because it would set off a fire-storm and Political Correctness would be shoved aside as it should be.

No. This news is really old news and it is about time America woke the hell up.

What I haven't seen in the all so Lame Stream Media are the stories of the influx of White Slavery. In the "old days", white women, blond...real or not but preferably real...between the ages of 16 and 24, were kidnapped from their American homes and smuggled across the borders into Mexico where they were placed on display for Middle Eastern buyers. I will let you draw your own conclusions as to what their "uses" would be and what would become of them once used up or if they failed to be, well, able to be sold to the highest bidder.

I find it ironic that the Islamic Leaders and Religious Pious and the self-proclaimed True Believers in "god", have treated their women so poorly; consider their women in such an abase way, that they are compelled to steal American Women to fulfill their lust for sex. When will this issue be considered "important"? Just curious.

Perhaps if their women would take off their Burkhas and get out in the sun more often, they would be more presentable.

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