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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Viva Chavez?

Wouldn't Cindy and that other idiot Glover be proud?

So. The "Supreme" leader of Venezuela wishes to eliminate term limits? Why on earth would he have such aspirations? And why do the "american" moonbats respect him so? If the "american" moonbats like the idea of having no term limits, why, then, do they say we real Americans should limit American presidents to two terms?

Wouldn't it be a hoot if GWB were to remain in office until the GWOT was over? Much like FDR during WWII? Just a thought.

Seeing and hearing all of the accolades granted to The Supreme Socio-Commie of South America, what, then, do The people of Venezuela think of the would-be "Dick-tater"?

It could be that the majority of Venezuelans don't think all too kindly of the Pinko.
According to the survey by Hinterlaces, the political style of Hugo Chavez is starting to rub Venezuelans the wrong way, since he is increasingly being perceived as a dictator. A poll conducted by a reputed Chilean company, Latinobarometro, in January 2007, indicated that Venezuelans clearly prefer democracy to any other political system. This poll also revealed that Hugo Chavez had a very low approval rating in Latin America, only better than Cuba's Fidel Castro and Peru's Alan Garcia. The highest ranked Latin American leader in this poll was Brazil's Lula da Silva, followed by Chile's Michelle Bachelet, Colombia's Alvaro Uribe and Argentina's Nestor Kirchner, while Hugo Chavez, Alan Garcia and Fidel Castro were at the very bottom of the ladder.
And who are the Friends of Chavez in the United States?
• actor Danny Glover, who received $18 million from Chavez to make a movie. Glover has been known to compare Chavez to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.;

• Joseph Kennedy Jr., who runs Citgo's distribution of “cheap” Venezuelan fuel oil for Chavez in the northeast;

• Jesse Jackson, who was decorated by Chavez in Venezuela;

• Ramsey Clark, a famous anti-war activist from the Vietnam era and one of the lawyers who defended Saddam Hussein;

• Don King, the boxing promoter;

• Cindy Sheehan, the anti-war activist; and

• Massachusetts Congressman William Delahunt.

Strange bed fellows, that, eh?

And why would anyone that has a sense of True Freedom slobber all over Hugo the Commie?

I see a trend in this country and I am pleased to inform my readers and those merely passing through that we are not alone in this area, either. The trend I see beginning to take seed and to grow is that praise to foreign powers and domestic "haters of 'america'" is beginning to have an adverse affect. Just one small happnstance to note in recent days, is the major of Macon, GA.

This particular Mayor whose initials are C. Jack Ellis, made some "Rather" ill-spoken comments and his tenure as Mayor is soon to be spanked in the upcoming elections. He spoke in support of Chavez, Satan of Venezuela, and proclaimed solidarity with Chavez. This will cost him his cherished position. (he tried to waffle and back-track but failed)
Words have meaning. Mayor Ellis's use of the word "solidarity" speaks volumes about what he thinks of this country and those citizens he serves. Or, perhaps not. Given the mayor's public statements connected to his expression of solidarity, it's most likely Mayor Ellis knows nothing of Hugo Chavez’s record, perhaps through willful ignorance, and just thought it'd be cool to see his name in national papers one more time before he leaves office.

Either way, it is unfortunate. Either way, the voters are done with Mayor Ellis if they can only restrain his activities for three more hot, humid months.

Forest Gump was right.