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Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Not So Distant Drum Beat Of Obscurity

Not too long ago, Syria declared the United States to be a viper-like fascist state, and the Syrian government daily Teshreen called U.S. leaders "terrorists" and 'serial killers" who are perpetrating genocide among the nations of the world on a daily basis, and who should be called before a war crimes tribunal.

Also, not too long ago, SoH Nancy Pelosi visited Syria in a clear violation of The Logan Act. The policy, as set by the sitting Administration is to isolate Syria as being one of those States that promotes and encourages terrorism as an end to its means. Nancy strutted off in an effort to undermine the sitting Administration in a political gamut that has evidently and apparently failed...just like everything else the SoH has tried.

Shortly thereafter, Syria and Iran suggested that the world give peace a chance.

Ya. Sure.

Seeing that Nancy has a history of "failed policies" time and time again, should she, utilizing her own rhetoric, resign?

Members of the Quit Iraq Caucus are jumping ship, except for, naturally, those suffering from the lethality of Ostrich Syndrome.

Ralph Peters once wrote that the mantra of the Quit Caucus die hards is constantly sending the message to the enemy, "Don't lose heart, we'll save you!" The American People are waking up to the fact that the Leftinistra do not have the long-term best interests of the American People in mind as they strut around in conquest of political power.

A while back, it was written how the team of Pelosi-Reid were leading the charge to end the War In Iraq when the tide was beginning to turn...in the favor of Victory for the US in the War In Iraq.

I often wonder why more people don't recognize the fact that the Leftinistra "blink" on a regular basis when confronted with fact after fact and the terrorists laugh every time they hear that our own politicians, unwittingly, hopefully, support the terrorists and their "plight".

Recently, we on the Right, have found it quite comical and all too predictable that the Moonbat Fruit Loop Brigades have begun eating their own and have splintered off into their tiny little insignificant pity-party and woe-is-me sects. There is even a call or a plea for the "progressives to unite".

The idiot Martin Lewis is calling for a General to arrest GWB.

I am reveling in the splintering and the fractioning of the Moonbat Fruit Loop Brigades. They cannot help it and FINALLY, all of the pandering and catering the Leftinistra have worked on for years is caving in all around their tiny useless feet. That is what happens when one tries to appease each and every tiny group, lying to them all the while.

Obscurity. It can be painful at times.

Irrelevant. This is worse than obscurity. Obscurity is more or less vanishing while being irrelevant is more painful...you mean very little to nothing. Such are the Leftinistra becoming.

Insignificant. Recently, Reid has determined, in the face of directly conflicting facts of Victory in the War In Iraq at hand, to continue with his insignificant mentality. The man is senile.

The American People have had enough of the lies, deceit and the blatantly obvious unAmerican activities of the current leadership of the Democratic Party and the RINOs. Pack your bags folks and plan on retiring soon. We don't need your kind.

HUGE HT to Norm of the Patriots For Conservative Values Group for this one:

Further Evidence of Rampant Illiteracy in Congress

This post enhances mine or mine enhances the other. Makes no difference to me. We are on the same page.

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