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Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Dope-Free, Pro-Troop High

The "Dope-Free" terminology in the title is in reference to drugs. There were plenty of dopes at the rallies and protest minions...especially the Code Pinko Skank Moonbats in the Fruit Loop Brigades. We also hear there was plenty of "dope" available for the homeless folks and druggies which were paid in booze and drugs to march in the parade. No matter. We know who has the momentum and who doesn't.

Melanie Morgan has a piece up describing the GOE III Rally and the Move America Forward Caravan and Fight For Victory Tour. They were smashing successes and the moonbats cringe.

What I find of particular interest is her obvious and keen eye in regards to The Why folks do NOT want AchmedI'mInA-Jihad to speak at Columbia University or to visit Ground zero. These are her bullets:

This week, both wanna-be presidential candidate New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and the administration of left-wing Columbia University announced that they were itching to play hostess to this generation's Hitler: Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. This should disqualify Bloomberg from any future political office. Ever.

These people wish to legitimize and provide a platform to a man:

  • Who has denied that the Holocaust ever took place.
  • Who has declared he wants to wipe Israel off the map.
  • Who has funded and provided weapons for terrorist attacks against Americans.
  • Who orchestrates attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq.
  • Who oversaw development of extra-lethal IEDs that pierce the armor of U.S. military vehicles in Iraq.
  • Who took 15 British sailors hostage and then turned them into puppets on international TV.
  • Who is alleged to have been involved in the taking of U.S. hostages during the Tehran embassy hostage-taking.
  • Who is currently developing nuclear weapons to be used to kill as many Westerners and "infidels" as possible.

It's not surprising that the same leftists who giggle and cheer at Michael Moore and Sally Field delivering leftist diatribes from the Academy Awards or television's Emmy Awards would want to glorify a murderous thug at the site of the worst terrorist attack in our nation's history.

Just as they glorified the Communists during the Cold War (including the Vietnam War, as evidenced by Hanoi Jane Fonda and Swift Boated John Kerry), the left now seeks to show greater compassion and sensitivity toward Iranian dictators than they do U.S. troops or their commanding generals (ask Gen. David Petraeus how he was treated by MoveOn.org and the militant left in this country).

But unlike during the Vietnam era, there is an active movement standing up to these punks. I want to call attention to the heroic efforts of Col. Harry Riley, Kathie Marino and the patriots at EaglesUp.us who not only helped drive the events of Sept. 15 but who also supported Move America Forward in the giant cross-country "Fight for Victory Tour" pro-troop caravan.

Poor moonbats. They are obviously trying to climb out of that Abyss of Obscurity we threw them in! LOL!!

Moonbats are saying that we have Freedom of Speech in this country and the pathetic and murderous leader of Iran has the right to speak. Last I knew, he wasn't a United States citizen so actually, he has no access to American Constitutional rights and none should be afforded him.

Personally, I think his visa to enter into this country should be permanently revoked. He is directly responsible for American Troop deaths but, alas, Code Pink loves the guy because they also support the murder of American Troops. Imagine that...birds of a feather and all that.

From The New York Post:
There's nothing like a visit from the leader of an Axis of Evil nation to get New Yorkers shouting mad.
That is a no joke right there...

From the NY Daily News:

Columbia University students plan mass protests to greet Holocaust-denying Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad when he arrives on campus Monday to give a lecture.

Students planning the demonstration on the steps of Low Memorial Library papered the area with posters yesterday depicting public executions of gays in Iran.

"Any student who cares about freedom of sexuality and freedom of religion should stand up and protest against this murderous dictator," said Sharona Getz, 22, who was taping up signs in the student union.

While many plan to protest his terrorist-loving views, it was hard to find a student who thought he should be barred from campus.

"If we believe in freedom of speech, I think we should let him come," said Iranian law student Matin Hughes, 27.

This "Iranian law student" hasn't read our Constitution or is a part of the mutants that try to rewrite it on every and any opportunity.

From the Dallas Morning News:

Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson said Thursday that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad should not be allowed into the country, much less at the World Trade Center site, when he travels to New York next week to address the United Nations.

"I know there would be ramifications in the United Nations" if the U.S. refused to let Mr. Ahmadinejad into the country, Mr. Thompson said during a brief news conference at Dallas Love Field. "I would deny this character a visa. What's he going to do, visit there to get pointers for his own activities? I wouldn't let him in the country."

Mr. Thompson said the Iranian regime was a threat to Americans and should be dealt with accordingly.


From Hot Air:

The only reason I would let this murdering thug into the country is so that as he landed I could have the privilege of publicly kicking the bastard right back out again.

I would give the moron and murderous thug a kayak with 1/2 a paddle and tell him to have fun rowing back to Iran.

Hat Tip to Wake Up America for the cartoon:

The little man is justly depicted as just that...a little man. Little men kill women and children and attack and kill the innocent "to make a point". No wonder ReidCo likes him.