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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Exposing Soros and Texas Jihadi Web Sites

The below is a compilation of must reads.

We will start off with the exposure of George Soros and his sorry support for a known anti-American Communist front group called MoveOn that lays claim that they support the troops but at "protests, it is "Rather" evident that the group isn't even remotely supportive of anything, save their own not-so-hidden-anymore agenda(s)

George Soros: The Man, The Mind And The Money Behind MoveOn By INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY The Left: The smear ad published against Gen. Petraeus has drawn attention to its sponsor, MoveOn.org. But the fingerprints of the group's chief financial backer, George Soros, were all over it. Who is this man and what is he up to? READ MORE

Next, we will look at Israel's attack on a known WMD cache. Where did it come from? Who did it belong to? Why is Iran "interested" in it? For an additional in-depth look at this subject check out Wake Up America from last earlier this week I do believe.

Was The Israeli Strike Osirak II? By INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY Weapons Of Mass Destruction: A deadly blast occurs at a Syrian missile site as an Israeli airstrike against a suspected nuclear cache catches Tehran's eye. In 1981, Israel thwarted a WMD threat. Is history repeating itself? READ MORE

Next, we will look into Syria working in conjunction with Iran to arm missile warheads with chemical agents. Again, where did these come froom and to whom do they belong?

The Middle East's Gathering Storm By INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY War On Terror: Iran, on the path toward nuclear weapons, says it's drawn up plans to bomb Israel. Syria, meanwhile, is working with Iran to arm missiles with chemical warheads. Will the world heed these danger signs? READ MORE
As we approach Biblical Prophecy fulfilled, how do we best prepare? I suggest personal soul searching for one. Start thinking where you will spend your eternity.

The Leftinistra would have the world believe that GWB is a lame duck. I have said this since the '06 elections. He has more power now than he did before. He has the Veto Pen and the LAME DUCK Leftinistra "majority", as vaunted as it is, has not the wherewithal to override ANY veto. So, who are the lame ducks again?

No Lame Agenda By INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY The Presidency: Those who call George Bush a lame duck are wrong. He still has both the bully pulpit and his veto pen to help him push his agenda. He might be able to use both, and very soon. READ MORE

Next comes the issue of the 80-minute video made the lame duck terrorist leader Al-Zawahiri. In this video, the moron rag-head goat sucking pathetic "democrat" and MoveOn lover said that Americas has lost in Afghanistan and Iraq. Makes ya wonder who is writing whose scripts, doesn't it? Is ReidCo in cahoots with our enemies or are our enemies in cahoots with RediCo?
The Islamist website www.ekhlaas.org/forum/, which is hosted by Layered Technologies, Inc. in Texas, USA, posted, on September 20, 2007, an 80-minute video of Al-Qaeda second-in-command Ayman Al-Zawahiri speaking on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of 9/11.

The video was produced by the Al-Sahab media company in the month of Sha'ban, 1428 (August-September 2007), apparently prior to September 11, 2007, and is subtitled in English.

In the video, statements by Al-Zawahiri are interspersed with footage of jihad fighters in various places around the world, audio clips from Osama bin Laden's speeches, statements by Western commentators and U.S. officials, and more. Following are the main points of Al-Zawahiri's statements in the video: (MemriTV)

First, Al-Zawahiri expresses his condolences for the death of the martyr cleric Maulana Abd Al-Rashid Ghazi in Afghanistan, promises to avenge his death, and calls on Muslims to follow in his path and in the path of other jihad-fighting clerics. Al-Zawahiri then accuses Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf of selling Pakistan's honor and religion, and says that Musharraf's forces are serving "the hunting dogs of the Crusaders-Zionists." Read More:
Sometimes I just have to wonder about some things.

A former CIA chap had this to say in recent days (excerpt below)
Another issue of contention whereas the Leftinistra will not acknowledge in fear of losing their congressional seats or their failed bids for the White House.

Ex-CIA Expert Bin Laden Made 'Very Overt Threat,' Slams Bush Terror Adviser
The former head of the CIA unit responsible for hunting down Osama bin Laden says the terror leader made a “very overt threat” in his recent video appearance and suggests President Bush’s chief terror adviser was “malevolent” for dismissing the risk. The expert warned that al Qaida has been setting major milestones in preparation for its next big attack. Read the Full Story — Go Here Now.

Sad, is it not?

Sometimes I wonder what it is going to take to make the political idiocy we watch every day to get back to basics and win this war.