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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Iran and Plutonium Rattling

Here we have France of all nations warning the world of war LONG before the United States has been warning the world...imagine that and go figure.

Along with this warning, we find that not only has Putin dissolved the Russian government and installed something reminiscent of the cold War days, he has developed the Father Of All Bombs (FOAB). What will he do next? oh. Wait. here we are. Russia is sending uranium fuel to Iran.

Couple the above to the following paints a gruesome picture, does it not?
In a speech about Iran's nuclear program, Ahmadinejad declared that Iran has become a global power, and that it would place its nuclear technology at the service of those determined to confront the U.S. and other Western countries. He announced that Iran was now successfully operating over 3,000 centrifuges, continued to downplay the impact of the U.N. Security Council sanctions on Iran, and reiterated Iran's official stance of refusal to freeze its nuclear activity. Ahmadinejad also harshly censured senior Iranian officials who had called for compromise with the West on Iran's nuclear program out of fear of a possible U.S. attack on Iran, hinting that they were traitors.

In addition, Ahmadinejad declared that the world was now at an historic turning point. The history of the West, he said, had reached its end, and the appearance of the Hidden Imam, heralding the era of Islamic Shiite rule, was nigh.(1) Thus, he called on the nations of the world to rise up against the \nhegemony of the West, headed by the U.S., and predicted the imminent collapse of Israel, which he called Satan's standard-bearer.
Are there any questions here for the Moonbats to ask and/or answer? Are they living in some kind of impervious bubble where reason and threats bounce off? Read the rest at MEMRI for the full impact of this development, two days AFTER the rallies in DC. The emphasis above is mine. I suppose the moonbats and their string pullers have the moonbats thinking that they can protect them. When the swords of Allah sever their necks, I wonder what their last thoughts will be?

Another area of interest that moonbats ignore is this:


Axis Of Evil: North Korea may be supplying nuclear equipment to Syria. Another terrorist state following Iran in seeking nuclear weapons should remind Americans we are in a long war of global scope. READ MORE

What in the hell are these people thinking? Oh. Wait. they have been brainwashed by their leadership that actually likes the thought that we could lose this war and our enemies can then promote The Caliphate with impunity.

I thought this article to be extremely appropriate and even more so after the rallies on 9/15/2007....Operation Eagle Justice.

The Turning Point


War In Iraq: Years from now, people will look back on last week as truly historic. It began with Gen. David Petraeus' fact-filled account of our success on the ground, and it ended with President Bush making the case, stronger than ever, for finishing the job. READ MORE

My sons will be able to look back at this day and say that their Dad stood with fellow Patriots, unlike what my parents did those many years ago. They said that it was merely some loony-tune teenagers with an axe to grind and did nothing. Not this time around. We will not allow it nor will we tolerate it.

On 9/15/2007, I witnessed the turning point. We have the momentum and we cannot afford to go slack and complacent.

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