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Friday, September 21, 2007

Using The Lives Of Our Troops For Amnesty?

Now here is a real loser.

The pro-amnesty amendment has been tied to the defense department authorization bill by Dick Durbin (D-Illinois). Ira Mehlman, of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, says it is basically a re-introduction of the "Dream Act."

"Really what it is, is an amnesty for anybody who came to the United States under the age of sixteen, [and] has attended school in the United States," says Melham. "The proponents of it think that this is the most sympathetic group of illegal aliens and that they stand the best chance of getting this sort of bill through." Read More:

Now, how is that helping the troops?

In other news, we find that Hillary has been bought and paid for by the treasonous MoveOners.
The Senate -- without Sen. Hillary Clinton’s support -- on Thursday passed a Republican-sponsored amendment condemning “personal attacks on the honor and integrity of General Petraeus and all members of the United States Armed Forces.” Sen. Clinton, in refusing to condemn MoveOn.org, appears to be trying to mollify the group that has criticized her for her earlier cautious, "centrist" stance on the Iraq war... Read More
Makes ya wonder, eh?

Several items of interest will give the Leftinistra a case of the chapped-ass: success is one of them. The other on the top of the list is the wind blowing in the wrong direction:
Even though Gen. David Petreaus was the target of attacks by liberal groups and congressional Democrats, the American public now views him -- and his recommendations for making continued progress in Iraq -- more favorably than before he testified before Congress, according to a number of recent polls... Read More
What will they do now? Discredit a National hero? Yes, indeed.

Here are some more little diddies for the mentally challenged morons we have living amongst us.

The Normalization Of Terror


War On Terror: A third al-Qaida video marking the 9/11 anniversary urges jihadists to make terror "a normal part of life" in America. If this doesn't wake us up to the threat, nothing will. READ MORE

And, with a bleak approval rating of 11% under the leadership (questionable at that) of PelosiCo and ReidCo, is it nay wonder America is the laughingstock of the Terrorists' World?

America is asking themselves, "When is Murtha going to apologize to the American People for being such an ass?" Additional Marines have been exonerated. Where is the outrage from the Leftinistra?

I ran across this article and having read the entire piece, I must agree with it in its entirety.

Note To Media: Celebrity Rants Are Not 'News'


Howard Kurtz, longtime Washington Post media reporter and CNN media-show host, inadvertently defined exactly what's wrong with our political... READ MORE

Exactly so.