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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Gathering of Eagles and Many More Pro Troop Groups

Dateline: 15 Sept 2007

We converged at The Wall and other monuments and we converged on the moonbat parade on Pennsylvania Avenue and let the world know that there WILL be no doubt that the repeat of the 1960s and the 1970s will NOT take place without a severe response and we will attack with a vengeance such has never been before.

We learned as one that the leadership of the anti-American groups are connected to and associated with pro-communist organizations throughout the world and we stand against them to the death if need be.

To repeat a previous posting:
One of the "peace loving" moonbats jumped an Eagle, bit him, (required a tetanus shot) and the Fight Was On.

150+ "peaceful" moonbats were arrested.

No Eagles arrested.

Check Kit Lange at GoE for coming details.

We win AGAIN!
And our victory tastes and smells fantastic.

Please check A Newt One for a plethora of pictures and videos from the historical day.

Michelle Malkin has a photo essay and a surprise video of members of the Eagles visiting the Code Wacko House!

Michelle also appeared on our Blog Talk Radio show, LIVE from the Rally. The archive can be found here. Listen in to Michelle and others we had as well!

Michelle Is On A Newt One!!

One of many heroes, LTC Robert "Buzz" Patterson of Move America Forward

Snooper with the Founder of Move America Forward, Melanie Morgan

Snooper with the One and ONLY LTC Robert "Buzz" Patterson


Fruit Of The Loon

Che Is Dead...Get Over It...Laughed my ass off when I saw that one!!

Hero Duncan Hunter Weighs In and Supports The Operation Eagle Justice

Enough Said?

These Women Get It...The Masks ? Hippies Smell!!

Michelle Malkin Is In Da House!

This Guy Gets It! Who Do You Believe?

Any Questions? What A Mug!!

Sad, Ain't It?

The Boss of Connecticut Eagles Has A Question

I have many, many more pics and some vids that I will post soon.

Now, for a recap of yesterday and a portent of that which is to come:

Did we have as many Pro Troops people as the enemy had anti-troops people? Honestly, I cannot for sure one way or another. There were herds of folks on all sides. Actually, it really doesn't matter. The enemy has lost their momentum and we have gained momentum and we must build on that. And, as my friend Sonlit Knight says, "Let's remember that that is all moonbats do. They protest."

Let us also remember this...they break the laws and get arrested and we do not. Go figure.

For far too long, we have sat on our collective buttocks waiting for what I do not know. It is time we band together and defeat the insurgency on the home front. That insurgency are the leaders of the Fruit Loop Moonbat Brigades. They incense to riot for their cause and expect us to back down. Well, we are NOT backing down and I, Snooper, will stand with anyone that stands against the enemies within whether they be in our CONgress or members of the likes of ANSWER.

The people on our side, don't always turn out in the numbers the opposition turns out. We have jobs and they do not. They get paid to "protest" and we do not. Our side is the Right side and don't ever forget it. However, having said that, we MUST take and make the time to show up and Ruck Up. Staying at home without a valid or viable causation is unacceptable. Staying at home thinking that your presence won't make a difference is well...cowardly. It does matter and it does make a difference.

The opposition is in a desperate situation. Never before have they anticipated or experienced such opposition and they do not know how to respond. Hopefully, they will not learn how respond and will continue to react. There is a difference.

The opposition is experiencing a political dilemma and we cannot afford to allow them to regroup and/or recuperate from the trouncings they have experienced.

From my friend at A Newt One:
For all their George Soros funding and their fancy placards and their rent-a-protesters bused in from around the country, they had a remarkable deer in the headlights look to them as they walked by. Some even appeared shocked and incredulous at the anger they have provoked.
Exactly so. I could see it in their eyes...fear. When confronted, they flee. When challenged, they get ugly.

As even our enemies here at home can see, it is "Rather" evident that our side is morally correct. They fear and hate us for that which we stand...a STRONG America and a VICTORIOUS America. When America wins, they lose. This is what they fear. Their agenda of socialistic/communistic ways and means is being directly confronted and challenged. Che is dead...get over it.
It is not a moral position to advocate surrender to barbarians. It is not our side that is unwilling to give peace a chance. That is the position of the other side. For all their shrieking about American imperalism and agression, the left doesn't want to face one very clear and incontravertable fact- we aren't the ones blowing up 5 year olds and crashing planes into buildings.
I stood with my brothers and sisters yesterday and it was but one step in a journey of many steps. We have been silent and inactive for too long and we have finally been heard. Join us in our quest, will you? We scared them yesterday. We out-shouted them all yesterday. All I could hear from my perch for photos were Eagles Soaring...I could not hear the enemy and many were crying. Good. Let them cry. They have lost.

Let them display their colors of dishonor of yellow and pink...perhaps one day we will paint the stripes on their backs as we send them off to another country to live where they can feel more at home. We don't want them here and there are more of us than there are of them.

Both surges are working...the one in Iraq and the one here at home but we have a very long way to go because we waited too long to speak out. We MUST re-educate the masses that the war is NOT about oil and that the WMDs were NOT the reason for war...it was one of 20+ causes that the media conveniently "ignores".

I saw many signs being held by the Fruit Loop Brigades. Several were attacking CONgress Critters of all makes and models. I even saw a few that said that "2008 Is Coming". I thought to myself, "Indeed it is and aren't you in for a rude awakening, moron."

Indeed. 2008 is soon approaching and will soon be upon us all. Can you see the Conservative Tsunami? I can. We have had enough of this and we will not take it anymore.

If you are interested, please join the Truth Surge Blogroll by sending an email to truthsurge@anewtone.com and show unity against the scourge that is our left wing media!

We cannot deceive ourselves into thinking that the events of yesterday was The Final Victory. It was not. It was the beginning of the end for the Moonbats of the Fruit Loop Brigades.

Let us build on this momentum and Soldier On.


NZ Bear from TTLB and TVC was there...

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