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Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Pathetic and Cowering and Spineless Left

As most of you know, every blog has their rezident koward moonbat and they are always and forever all mouth and no spine.

Recently, one was flushed from our Patriots For Conservative Values Group and IT has gone whining to other forums and blogs "telling on us"...LMAO!! I wonder if IT wears the colors of the cowards I saw this past weekend in DC...yellow, pink and purple.

Anyway, we normally don't give IT much credence and/or attention but the poor thing is just too easy to trounce. IT has an air of self-imagery that IT excels in some sort of morphed intelligence but all IT does is show its propensity for the delusional aspects of life. Everything is a conspiracy and everyone is out to get IT. I suppose paranoia is a good thing to have when the entire world thinks one is a complete fool, ergo, Ron Paul supporters.

IT recently went whining to several "underground" sites (much closer to hell that way, you see) and commenced to whine and prattle on as would a spoiled and only brat-child tends to do. If IT wasn't so pathetically insane, IT would be funny. I have no pity for the fool, just contempt towards ITS ignorance and childish demeanor.

IT has said before that IT wasn't a Democrat. If so, why did IT go here to whine?

IT has said before that IT wasn't a "Troofer". If so, why did IT go here to whine?

It went to other places to whine as well but all IT did was create more hits to our blogs and since then, we have had some converts. Imagine that.

A Newt One, posted a comment to our Group and I will place it here for all to see. It reveals how the Leftinistra delude themselves and expose their own cowardice and their inability to discern from opinion and facts.


....but what the heck. It is, after all, a textbook example of how the left attempts to 'argue' their points. Pastor Ed sent this to me in an e-mail. Some coward from the (ironically named) site Peace Takes Courage launched this invective against myself and 4 of my friends on the web.

For the past year I've been tangling with some of the most dangerous rightwing neocons I've ever met. And that's saying a lot because I've been debating/fighting with them for over 6 years. The following blog sites are 5 of the most radical ones I've been involved with. Most of the people on these blogs claim to be Christian fundamentalist patriots. I call them neo nazis because their comments and actions are no better than those of the 3rd Reich. You can wander over there and check it out for yourselves.

In debating circles, this is your classic meaningless statement fallacy......an intellectual sucker punch, if you will. He attempts to land a smear that the opponent doesn't respond to because there is nothing factual that can be responded to. A meaningless statement is a statement which posits nothing of substance which can be agreed or disagreed with. In the context of logical fallacies, the inclusion of a meaningless statement in the premises of the argument will undermine the validity of the argument since the premise can neither be confirmed or falsified.

It can be difficult to prove that a statement is meaningless because such statements are often offered in bad faith. Let's count how many hysterical, wholly unsubstantiated claims the writer makes.
1. For the past year I've been tangling with some of the most dangerous right wing neocons I've ever met.
Examples? Examples would be very valuable in establishing context. If this person could show us some of these people he has 'tangled with', how exactly he has 'tangled with' them, or how, specifically, they are dangerous. It would be helpful to provide objective criteria for establishing someone as 'right wing' or a 'neocon' and then demonstrate, point by point, how these individuals meet that criteria. This seems to me to be an essential element to this statement because it forms (as you will clearly see) the premise upon which his whole argument is based.

2. And that's saying a lot because I've been debating/fighting with them for over 6 years.
Again, meaningless, because we still haven't established who they are so the reader never gets the opportunity to examine the views of the people to determine if the writer's assessments are accurate.

3. The following blog sites are 5 of the most radical ones I've been involved with.
The statements get ever more meaningless as the writer goes further and further out on the branch. We do not have any clue of what this writer terms as radical, or who are the 'many' radical people he has encountered. Thus, to say these five are among the most radical is empty hyperbole because the writer has made no attempt to define what radical is.

It would be like me saying that I have seen wizzily widgets before but, in my whole life, I have never seen widgets more wizzily than those widgets. Without context of what a wizzily widget is, the statement is utterly meaningless. Yet, he is stupid enough to continue.

4. Most of the people on these blogs claim to be Christian fundamentalist patriots.
This is what we call a straw man. That is when the writer invents a position, assigns it to his adversary and then attacks the created position, rather than his adversaries actual position.

I am not aware of any of the members of these blogs who would classify themselves as Christian Fundamentalists. Miss Beth and Myself are Roman Catholics, Cyber Pastor and Jimmy Z are Evangelicals and Darter45 is an agnostic.

As far as I know, all of us who do follow the Bible, see it as a very complex set of documents with broad and diverse literary forms. Some teachings are historical, some metaphorical, poetic, prophetic, symbolic.

I don't think a single one of us could be accurately described as fundamentalists, much less, as the writer alleges, apply the label to ourselves. This argument is a complete straw man, manufactured from a discombobulated mind of bigotry.

5. I call them neo nazis because their comments and actions are no better than those of the 3rd Reich.
More ludicrous, inflammatory and wholly unsubstantiated hyperbolic vomit. This dork will not even attempt to demonstrate even one (1) view, statement, action, intimation, or statement of support or affirmation, from any of these bloggers, that, in any way, even remotely, resembles a view or action of the third Reich. In the end, he only winds up making himself look like a rabid dork.

6. You can wander over there and check it out for yourselves.
Oh, trust me, they are. People are wandering over by the tens of thousands to our blog and the overwhelming majority love what they see.

Don't be a coward. If you have an argument to make, make it. Only sissies stand on the sidelines and throw stones.

They cannot help but to be cowards. At the Gathering of Eagles Rally called Operation Eagle Justice on the 15th of September and then the Vets For Freedom march on DC on the 18th of September, the moonbats, whenever encountered and engaged could not maintain eye contact. All they could do is chant retarded slogans such as "Healthcare Not Warfare" and something equally asinine as "Bring The Troops Home to Fight Global Warming"...WTF? Has Global Warming attacked us? Friggin' morons.

These same idiots that "care for the troops" and want to "bring the safely home" are the ones that advocate the murder of American Troops.

At our press conference on the 18th, there were 250+ combat troops on the stage and we watched intensely as the code pink-asses unfurled their banners and we were going to do something about the above banner should it had been displayed. They knew it and were too cowardly to display it.

The cops knew it as well because we showed them this picture and we told them what would happen should it be unfurled. Fortunately, it was AWOL.

Better luck next time.

So, remember this...your trolls are boosting your blog's ratings. They give us more exposure to the enemy and at times, the enemy sees the light and converts to sanity, logic and reason.

All they have to do is view the polls they so live by to check the facts of the matter.

Trolls and Leftinistra. Be afraid. Be very afraid. The Black Choppers are monitoring your every move. I have one in my back yard and it is in constant go mode. You cannot hear them, you see. And they cannot be seen for we only fly at night and never on a Full Moon. All one can see is the muzzle flashes of the 25's...(bark-bark-bark-bark)...and "things' vanish from existence for eternity!


Friggin' morons.