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Friday, September 21, 2007

So Dan Rather is "Rather" Peeved

Well, la-de-da. So what. This is merely another example of NOT taking personal responsibility for one's own actions and placing the blame on someone else and then suing to receive "damages" that the suer brought upon itself. Poor Danny Boy. How does it feel Danny Boy to be the lap-dog of Lame Stream Media getting tossed aside like a scapegoat? Moron.

Nut Sues Net
A disgruntled former employee has filed a lawsuit against CBS News, alleging a bizarre conspiracy involving the White House. National Review's Byron York reports that the employee, Daniel Irvin Rather Jr., is demanding $70 million in damages, enough to buy Belgium four times over. Rather played a role in a discredited "60 Minutes" story raising questions about President Bush's Vietnam-era military service:

In the suit, Rather alleges that he was forced to apologize for the Bush story as part of a conspiracy by top CBS management to ensure that no further damaging revelations about the president's time in the Texas Air National Guard would become public. Rather also alleges that CBS hired a private investigator to re-report the original story -- after Rather threatened to hire his own private eye to do the same thing -- and that the investigator found the story to be accurate, only to have his findings suppressed by CBS as part of an effort to curry favor with the Bush White House. Finally, Rather alleges that CBS fired him over the story the day after Bush was reelected, despite his later claims that his departure was separate from the Bush story. . . .

Rather says the cover-up was part of CBS's "plan to pacify the White House" and to "appease angry government officials" by offering up Rather as the "scapegoat for CBS management's bungling of the entire episode."

One can only sigh, shake one's head, and hope for Rather's sake that he has a better lawyer than this guy.

Give it a rest, Danny Boy. You are complicit in your own Leftinistra stupidity. Moron.

The GOMERS over at the Huff and Puff House of Code Skanks In Pink Petticoat Sympathizers say that Rather has courage. LMAO! A discredited and sorry lot that write their drivel over there are truly pathetic. I swear. Used up and smelly hippies should just shut the hell up, grab some more ludes and be done with it.

Little Green Footballs has a few choice words on the subject.

I’m going to say this again just to go on the record: the CBS “Killian” memos are frauds. It has been proven beyond all doubt. It is simply impossible that these documents were created on any machine available in the 1970s.

And for Dan Rather to continue insisting they are genuine shows either: 1) a disconnection from reality that borders on the psychotic, or 2) a blatant liar willing to go down in flames rather than admit the truth.

Amazing. Is it not?

Hey, Danny Boy? Do you need larger shovels for that hole you are digging for yourself? Nit wit.

I do believe, and this is UNSUBSTANTIATED, that Danny Boy should lay off the ludes, man. He claims the White House has some kind of power over CBS. LMAO!! Moron.