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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pondering 9/15/2007 In DC...Events and Transpirations

What is the Fruit Loop Brigade response to the Iraqi Ambassador when he says, "Don't give up on us?"
It is crucial for the United States to stay in Iraq until the mission there has been completed, the Iraqi ambassador to the United States said in Washington on Friday. Ambassador Samir Sumadaie also expressed gratitude for the sacrifices American families have made. "We don't want those sacrifices to go in vain," he said...
I have an idea what the response would be but, at this time, I don't want to pollute my blog.

The below is that which the enemies within fear the most:

Surge working. Drawdowns can begin.

Surge working. Drawdowns can begin.

Stay The Course


War In Iraq: Gen. David Petraeus' realistic report on Iraq demonstrates why the public trusts the military more than a Congress that wants, once again, to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. READ MORE

And the friends of our enemy have this to say...well worth the read if one has a strong stomach for the inane:

Uncle Osama Wants You


War On Terror: The co-chairmen of the 9/11 Commission buy the Democratic line that the war in Iraq is a diversion from the war on terror and a recruiting tool for al-Qaida . But it's the bad guys who are less safe. READ MORE

And we Patriots saw much of this from the Fruit Loop Brigades, aka, Enemies of THE State:

Anti-War Dems Kick Some Brass
The Left: The messenger who's usually killed is the one bearing bad news. But Gen. David Petraeus is the victim of character assassination by congressional liberals and their fanatical financiers for delivering good news. READ MORE
As well as the above scares the beejeebers out of the Leftinistra, the below also adds to their eventual trouncing:

Verbatim: Report To Congress On The Situation In Iraq


As a bottom line up front, the military objectives of the surge are, in large measure, being met. In recent months, in the face of tough enemies... READ MORE

With Osama and/or his allies, friends and enablers (including the American(?) Lame Stream Media) aiding and abetting the enemy, is it any wonder that people of dubious brain matter hate America so?

When Joe Biden, a presidential aspirant, betrays his own country, is it any wonder that the moonbats are encouraged to conduct themselves as they do?

When we have individuals or groups of people like these here and here, is it any wonder the rage we feel and will one day be forced to act upon? These are Ron Paul supporters and are they any different from the Leftinistra supporters?

This piece is all telling (a mere teaser to pique interest0
Osama bin LA LA LA LA LA!
In the 1930s, a young liberal journalist named Alan Cranston sounded an alarm about the dangers of National Socialism. Cranston, who later served as a Democratic senator from California, recounted his anti-Nazi effort in an interview a few months before his death in 2000:
Read the rest, if you dare.

And from The Hill

From the Pundits Blog:

The Tail That Wags the Dog - Posted by John Feehery

The New York Times today has an interesting poll on its front page and an outrageous advertisement on A25.

On the front page, the poll says that the American people most trust U.S. military commanders to successfully resolve the war in Iraq. Sixty-eight percent trust the military, 21 percent trust the Congress, 5 percent trust the president. Not much faith in our political leaders for a successful resolution to a problem that most observers say has to be solved by a political process.

> Read More

Interesting read, that...

When we have idiots and traitors caring only for their small group and their future in the CONgress ramble on and on of that which they have no concept of, is it any wonder why we hate them so?

When we have future Jihadis wanting to live in peace so they can regroup and raise more haters of the West, and our own cater to their needs, the needs of the enemy, is it any wonder that we feel another American Civil War is on the ghorizon? The very suggestion that they need a time for peace to "regroup" is a sure-fire indication that we are winning this war but the America Haters and the Jihadi Lovers don't get it. Death to them all before it is death to us all, I say.

Perhaps it will take the next 911 to have the Fruit Loop Brigades realize just how wrong they are?


Terror And Technology: A new study warns of a clear and present danger that would dwarf the attacks on the World Trade and the Pentagon. So why does Congress want to cut the one program that could prevent it? READ MORE

One would hope that they would wake up before this takes place or something equally horrendous. it could be that the opposition is morally bankrupt.

The Democrats' Moral Bankruptcy


War On Terror: Congress' Democratic leaders obviously did not listen to what Gen. David Petraeus said this week. Their plan is to lose in Iraq in hopes it will win them the White House. But Americans aren't buying. READ MORE

I do believe that they are morally bankrupt that there is no fixing it except via surgical means.