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Monday, September 29, 2008

The Czarbie Troofer Gangs - UPDATED


Think back, if you will, or want to, to the days of the Paulbots and Paultard spammers. Remember them? Remember how we all thought that the majority of these morons were actually Czabama supporters because his idiots acted EXACTLY like the Paultards? Well, I do.

Now I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt to the legitimate Ron Paul supporters. If I didn't know personally that Ron Paul was a fruit loop and a flake, I would be 100% behind him. He has some good ideas but he doesn't know how to get there from here. However, 99% of the time when we got the theoretical Ron Paul folks on our comment threads and BTR shows, we knew we had morons. Such is the case with the vast majority of the Obamabots currently infecting the blogosphere on the conservative stream.

Case in point recently as reported here, they attack web sites in the hopes of closing them down. So much for the tolerance they are so proud of talking about but unable to walk that tenet...just like their Czarbie leader. Incapable of leading and miserable at following.

By now we have heard about Czarbie's blatant disregard to constitutional rights of his opposition. Once again, a Marxist comes out and says only Marxists have constitutional rights because they agree with their Chief Marxist Czarbie. He uses "friends" in the legal system to use "the law" - I guess he thinks he is Judge Dredd, the dude with Field On The Spot Judicial Authority over anything, everything and everybody. Remember that? "I AM THE LAW!"

In a wide selection of web sites, one can check out for themselves the thuggery Barack Fraud In Chief utilizes to shut down his opposition. What a whiner, baby and sore loser he is. That goes for his lap lickers as well. The poor thing wants to PROSECUTE his critics. I wonder where that is located in the US Constitution? I wonder if he is going to go after the news crew that has confirmed this unconstitutional intrusion? The DOJ could be compromised as others are beginning to think because apparently, "charges" may be brought up against some folks for opposing the Fraud Marxist Czarbie. Sue my ass morons. Make my day.

There is more at Memeorandum, but old news by now...


Evidently, ABC's libtard Political Punch blog has begun deleting :conservative" comments because they cannot handle truth. Amazing!

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