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Friday, October 3, 2008

America's Wonderful Congress? Czarbie the Fraud Thinks So


So the most untrustworthy Congress in the history of our nation has once again passed yet another unconstitutional bill through the Congress to the tune of "Screw you America! We know better than you because we are thge elite and you can't do anything about it." They also said that "we are protecting our own that caused this and you will never ever know the whole truth."

However, we can do something. We can fire the whole lot of them. We can also let more and more folks know that Czarbie is indeed a Clear and Present Danger and is wholly disqualified to occupy the White House. We can also make folks aware that the anti-Americanists Moore and Soros were not so behind the scenes pushing for this illegal bail out. Moore was whining about it actually but his whining was so off the mark it is pathetic. Soros on the other hand is more than likely pleased as all get out over this buy out. Why? Because it is the socialist take over of the American economy.

We all heard Joe Biden state that the more taxes one pays the more patriotic one is. Sorry Joe. That is just pathetic of you to say such idiocy...let me know where that is in the Constitution, OK? I agree with Newt Gingrich and others about who is patriotic and who isn't. I would say that this bail out bill dampens patriotism.

Certainly Czarbie is patriotic but no one can really determine to whom or to what. His patriotism is assuredly not directed towards the USA unless it is the USSA he is interested in. He even wants to restrict how much money one can make. Simply amazing. Is this why he hides who his illegal contributors are? Incredible.

It is very interesting about the number 57. Remember Czarbie's 57 States Comments? He could have been alluding to the 57 Nations of Islam but that is circumspect. What isn't is the act that the DNC outspends the GOP 57 to 1. And they whine about the GOP? Wow.

Roger Guy is running a series called Blips On the Screen and has some truly amazing data therein. Speaking of blips on the screen, check out Jay Tea's take on the current financial market non-issue issue. And just for the hell of it, Obama is more like Bush is than McCain is.

On another note, some are proclaiming that Czarbie is a shoe-in...not hardly. We all know that he, Czarbie, is the typical socialist liar and will do whatever he needs to do in order to win the election. We also all know that he is unqualified for the position he so lusts after to obtain...America's First Czar. It would be nice if the McCain Camp would have the moral fortitude to name names but I wouldn't hold out for that. Also, Czarbie sure does like to take advantage of a fabricated crisis. He learned well from Alinsky and Lenin to be sure. Learn more of this here. Remember, the more the Democrat leaders open their mouths, the more people have no reason to actually believe the Fraud Czarbie or have a just reason to vote for the Marxist whore.

For instance, when Bill Clinton is left speechless when asked about Czarbie's associations, one has to wonder why Democrats even support the fool. Less and less are, thank God. Then again, there is always the collection of Czarbie's Yoots Gangs here and here. Keeping all of the above in mind, it isn't hard to see why Czarbie is going to lose and why. One of the reasons is his support of infanticide. Another reason is his inherent habit of lying about raising taxes to pay for his "udder" stupidity. Another reason is the increasing number of his associates being rounded up by the FBI. It could also be the fact that the Vatican has recently openly proclaimed that the American Democrat Party is the "Party of Death". Damn! What took them so long to figure that one out?
[...] Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, wrote a letter in 2004 to American bishops restating the Church position that a priest must refuse to distribute communion to a Catholic politician who supported abortion rights. But Burke lamented that the letter was never distributed. [...]
I suppose infanticide doesn't qualify for a trip to the Pearly Gates either. Pelosi, Biden, Reid and Czarbie...members of the Party of Death and are proud to proclaim in public that they know better than the Vatican. Simply amazing. While we are on the subject of Democrats and their evil afterbirth disease called Czarbie, don't forget to check out his audacity to forget about the changlings he sups upon.