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Monday, September 29, 2008

War News and Related Issues - Like Czarbie and Biden


In a previous post here, I posted blurbs on Michael Yon's Death In The Corn, parts I and II of III. here is part III of III.
Living with British troops of 2 Para at FOB Gibraltar and watching them fight, I witnessed one of the great paradoxes of Afghanistan. The troops are fighting hard and killing the enemy. They are professional and extremely competent. Their morale is high. They are doing a great job. And we are losing the war.

Their troubles with a local sniper demonstrate some of the complexities and frustrations of this war, which the British public don’t even call a “war.” The British soldiers know this is a real war, but the British at home characterize it as a “conflict.” Meanwhile, Americans at home seem to mostly have forgotten about Afghanistan, though luckily they are starting to wake up. Yet it’s obvious here on the ground that this situation could deteriorate into something far worse than we ever saw in Iraq. [...]
Take a gander over yonder. The Brits are fighting in shorts! That has just got to drive those Islamitards absolutely insane with hate and rage.

Velvet Hammer brings us a Support The Troops project. Email a Troop and cheer them up!

Much to the chagrin of idiot anti-Americanists abroad and here at home, the leader of Afghanistan, President Hamid Karzai, says that he finally sees the light at the end of the tunnel. It seems like he is winning the war against terrorism. We wouldn't know that listening to Czarbie, Biden and the rest of the treasonous fools, would we?

The Long War Journal
explains why the US is striking inside Pakistan...we are trying to avert another 91101...an incident President Clinton could have averted but was too busy playing hide the cigar and attacked Kosovo for no damn reason....and we are STILL there, by the way.

Gateway Pundit brings us a story of the Little Man-Boy from Iran, Achmadinejad, that is talking about his Little Me imaginary friend...the Hidden Imam. the guy is nut job but a dangerous one to boot.

JR from TAB brings us a tale that ALWAYS gets the BDS people in a certain frothing frenzy. Cutting it short, Bush Was Right and his naysayers and detractors wee not only wrong but KNEW they were wrong. We call that lying, making them liars.

The Campaign Spot exposes Czarbie's "plan" to deal with Iran. Czarbie needs professional mental therapy.

CNN reported back a few days ago about the USN firing on Somalian Pirates, aka terrorists. Bringing folks up to date on this, Yahoo! News states that a USN Tanker is under attack by pirates off the coast of Somalia. I wonder if these are called acts of war or criminal activity on the high seas. Then we learn that the USN has driven them off. And then we hear that US and "European"(?) warships have them surrounded. And I guess because we have surrounded them, we have visual contact.

Pat Dollard Blog tells us how talks with terrorists should be conducted. I am sure he forwarded that data on to Czarbie for yet another schooling that he evidently did not receive as a special needs type of guy.

In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Pakistan, the US Wimplomat Dept has banned Americans from going to Pakistan and staying in hotels and places that serve food. Yeah. That sounds Constitutional, doesn't it? Screw the Wimplomat Corps. I guess it is safer to sleep on the streets and go pick your own food on the farms over there...more protection I guess.

In case you are interested, Velvet Hammer has the transcript from the Little Man-Boy from Iran's speech at the Useless Nations. You will more than likely detect an interesting happenstance: The Man-Boy from Iran wants Achmed Barack Allah Hussein Obama Czarbie as president. Go figure. Again, the Little man-Boy from Iran says America's days are numbered. Silly twit, ALL of our days are numbered, including you.

While the press and politicians were inventing the Wall Street emergency that Democrats created and as they whined that the Iraqi political "progress" was a failure, they passed the 17th out of 18 Benchmarks...Provincial Elections. They did more in less than two years than ours has done in 8. Who are the failures now?

Humbled Infidel reminds us of an older story yet still plausible...terrorists lust to use School Buses as weapons. Stay vigilant people. GSG brings us the possibility with a war with Pakistan. This is possible seeing that apparently, they have sided with the terrorists that we are fighting. If that happens, it will be sad to be a Pakistani Soldier. And Israel wanted the US to bomb Iran for them and fortunately, we turned that offer down.

With all of the sarcasm I can muster, I bring you the tale that the Sadrists are not pleased with Iraqi Security. They lost their gamble. They remind me of American Democrats. Shut up.

While Condi Rice (puke) "urges" the UN to take action against Iran for threatening Israel, I sit back at laugh at that prospect. They hate Israel just as Iran does. She needs random drug screening. Doesn't she know that Iran is in Iraq fighting our Troops? Hell we arrested FIVE of them in the Big B for crying out loud and Iraqi and American Forces have stepped up action against Iranian Troops inside Iraq. Maybe that is what has the Democrat counterparts in Iraq (the Sadrists) so upset.

While most everyone with the ability to think straight sees Iraq no longer being the menace it once was, the Democrats seem to think this was a failure. Hell. We ran them out of Iraq and they are now in England.

And, seeing that Czarbie supporters, like Code Skank and crew, visited with the Little Man-Boy from Iran, back in Iran, they had a "destroy Israel and America" parade.

LGF brings us the story of terrorists dying after hijacking a ship belonging to Iran. I reported on this last week...I will have to find that and link it here. Jihad Watch reports here as well.

Pakistan has declared that if OBL and his sidekick are captured in Pakistan, they will not deliver them to the US...they will place them on trial there in Pakistan. Good luck with that. I suppose folks are getting ready for the scheduled winter battles in Afghanistan and making sure that all the players know what the rules are.

And last but not least, Chavez prepares to receive nuclear "stuff" from the USSR Reborn. Sounds like someone needs to brush up on that Monroe Doctrine. I suppose that all they are interested in really is nuclear power but no weapons, just like Iran, eh?