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Sunday, September 28, 2008

What The Bail Out Is All About


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For decades, ladies and gentlemen, the Leftinistra have tried very hard to either dispense with or rewrite the United States Constitution. While in that process, they have accused President Bush of doing just that. Progressives, socialists, Marxists, communists and American liberals are one in the same. Their friends are enemies of Freedom and they think alike - only government can provide for the masses. Also, these same tried to surrender this nation to the enemy during a time of war yet, once again, the cowards in DC did nothing.

Remember when their friend Hugo Chavez tried hard to dispense with the Venezuelan Constitution and failed? Remember how their hearts were torn asunder and shortly thereafter Nancy was caught with her hand in the inner dealings of the Colombian-Venezuelan conflicts?

In recent days, the Ecuadorian government has itself set up to succeed in completing the socialist cycle and now the USSR Reborn is arming their socio-commie cohorts in the Western Hemisphere. Will we enforce the Monroe Doctrine? I hardly think so. Too many cowards are leading this nation.

Yesterday, an enemy of Freedom, Hugo Chavez had this to say:
[...] "It was capitalism that caused the ruin" in the United States, said Chavez, who is one of Washington's fiercest critics, calling the financial crunch "the worst financial crisis in history".

"Let the U.S. empire end and let a great nation and great republic rise from the ruin ... It's time to shout 'Liberty!' again in the United States," Chavez said, calling for a new government to be free of the "dictatorship of the elite" such as big banks and corporations. [...]
No. It was Democrat Party leadership corruption that failed in their oversight. That is what has happened. It was governmental policy that allowed for and nourished corruption within Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and also AIG.

If you recall, when President Bush was forced to come up with something to fix what the Democrats wrought upon this nation, he was accused - by the socialists - of being a socialist. This pleases the likes of Nancy Pelosi, George Soros and the rest of the Enemies of The State from within. I make the assertion that this has been a contrived and concerted effort on the part of the Leftinistra. There are many videos available of men and women giving testimony that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were perfectly sound. Today, we know differently.

Today, Nancy Pelosi even admitted as such, although she doesn't realize it. She said that the party was over for the capitalists. This pleases her to a level that not even she could or would have been able to dream of. It was her party that allowed the nonsense to run amok and it was her party that refused there was a problem and it was her party that fought reform. Of this there is no doubt or question. Yet, we have politicians deathly afraid of coming out and revealing this in official capacities.

This makes me question my service to this nation. Was it all for nothing? Was my son's service all for nothing? Was my wife's service all for nothing? Did we serve so the politicians utilizing their powers to corrupt and breed corruption could negate the very Constitution we served to protect while they worked to undermine it? Did we serve so they could swear their Oaths of Service only to defraud the American People all in the name of political correctness?

Is it pitch forks at dawn time? Do we utilize our Constitutional Authority as citizens to take our government back from the socialists that occupy the Dishonorable Halls of CONgress Critters? Do we perform our Constitutional rights via the ballot box or do we just march on DC and physically challenge them and remove them from office?

Many of the Leftinistra that have frequented blogs that I contribute to and a host of others that I do not yet visit from time to time, have stated many times that our Constitution needs to be overhauled. One even came onto my BTR show last Saturday and stated that the Constitution contained over 100 errors in it so it is pretty much a useless document. Imagine that? When challenged, all the fool said was that Sarah Palin was a such and such and so was her daughter. The response was typical of a moonbat libtard.

In the same show, we had a liberal that came in and tried to disrupt but when asked to stay on topic, the visitor did just that and we had rational communication after they apologized for being a jerk. The Leftinistra in DC are incapable of this and more's the pity.

If this bail out bill goes through, ladies and gentlemen, it will end Free Markets. It will end Free Enterprise. It will set a precedent that we Conservatives cannot accept...or will not. This bail out bill, referred to as a rescue bill - a matter of semantics - is nothing more than a socialist spendathon and no matter the verbiage to the contrary, it will be a typical unenforceable bill. I have read the draft and although I am no legal beagle, I see no checks and balances therein. I also see no justification for it other than the usual socialist and emotional drivel. The draft is zero balance on common sense.

I read at The Crypt earlier today what Boehner said in a closed-door session:
In a closed-door session with House Republicans, Minority Leader John A. Boehner just called the financial rescue deal a “crap sandwich” – then said he’ll vote for it when it comes to the floor Monday. [...]
It is statements like this I fond wholly unacceptable. On the 17th of September, Paulson said the world was falling apart and we were soon going to float into the sun. That hasn't happened. And it isn't going to, either. This issue is a non-issue and the markets will fix itself. They always do with or without government intrusion and, quite frankly, they fix themselves faster when government stays out. So, why vote for it? When the likes of Kucinch isn't voting for it, there is something horribly wrong with it.

From Power Line:
[...] The role played by John McCain appears to have been a constructive one. He supported and worked with the House Republicans. The Democrats no doubt wanted his support for the final product, and that must have enhanced the Republicans' position at the table. The Democrats would not have wanted an unpopular bailout plan to be supported by Barack Obama and opposed by McCain.

If voters understood the events of the last week, they would probably return control of the House, and perhaps the Senate, to the Republicans. The mainstream media will make sure that doesn't happen. [END]
Exactly so. However, we will see about that one.

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