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Saturday, October 4, 2008

The New Reagan - Sarah Palin


Whadya Know? The New Reagan, Sarah Palin, Gov of Alaska and soon to be Vice President Elect Palin, has vowed to never again put those gloves back on and refuses to be filtered through the media filters. Good for her. She has traded up to the Sarah Swords of Truth, Justice and the American Way. She is also a breathe of fresh air among the stagnated idiocy of the American international embarrassment of the United States Congress. I can hardly wait for her grand entrance as the president of the Senate. This is going to be an epic WOOT! WOOT! in the history of this nation. Of this you can be sure. She will not tolerate the status quo of the shenanigans of the DNC Culture of Corruption nor will she tolerate the Party of Death.

Senator Joey Biden was slammed and slammed hard. How can I tell? That's easy. The Lame Stream declared the 14-Lies teller the winner. I expected them to do so but I had no idea that they would actually unzip his trousers and feast.

The Hockey Mom from Alaska scored a decisive victory. Of that there is indeed no doubt. Even the Chief Moonbat Libtard of the Daily KOSmonoffs agrees. Expect to see a major "fluctuation" in the polls this coming Monday. Not that I give polls any positive regard or anything but those that live by the polls will be shivering in the cold night. Especially the Soros trouser trouts. Be sure to review the Sarah Palin collection, including the posts from the anti-Americanists.

Some are whining about her "winking to America" but I especially liked the blowing of a kiss to Americans myself. Yes indeed. This woman ROCKS the House! More than likely the reason for the panic setting in on the anti-Americants's side of the political arena is that the debate between Sarah Palin and the pathological liar Biden is that it set a record of viewers and Americans saw the Real Sarah and not the edited version as presented by her last two media filter outlets. The viewer tally is just under 70,000,000 (69,989,000 or so). That is 70 MILLION viewers watching Biden lie 14 times and watching as the 36-year veteran of the Senate getting schooled by a Real American and not some political hack.

For those of you that cannot stand the thought of reading or listening to El Rushbo explain things to you, I bring you this: Biden was calling upon "his" truth to make a stand but, it is confined to a wheel chair. MsUnderestimated has a collection of videos to reveal the Truth about the Other Fraud Biden.

Rumor has it that the McCain Campaign, now that the retarded bail out bill has been "filtered" through, will be going on the offensive and in a big way (see this post). This remains to be seen.

Whereas Karl Marx would be proud of the American politicians these days, one thing is for sure. McCain-Palin will occupy the Top Jobs in January 2009.

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