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Sunday, September 28, 2008

McCain 1 - Obama 0


Some call the first Presidential debate a draw and some are calling it a win for McCain. Naturally, the Leftinistra are calling it a win for Obama. Obama's performance can be clasified as a win if one is a socialist and vague dunce.

The only segment that can be considered a draw is the very first question. It was a draw in that McCain missed two opportunities to totally shred Obama. McCain waited until the third segment to eviscerate Obama and in the third segment, Obama began to lose his composure. I believe it was the constant smirk on McCain's face that got to Obama.

Several times, Obama debated himself and, as pd.com says, kicked his own butt. The NRO agrees; Obama clearly lost. Perhaps the smirk on McCain's face was due to the fact that for most of the evening, Obama insisted that McCain was right.

I will give Obama credit for a fine performance, however. The usual stammering and stuttering was not nearly as present as in other off-the-cuff caught-without-a-teleprompter moments but he did have several of those moments. Most of them came during the trouncing he received during the Commander In Chief tests but, don't tell these folks that he failed miserably.

In case one is wondering, John McCain has some substantiation. Please check out his web site here for the Debate Facts listings. Therein one will find just how many lies Obama stated as truth. For example, missile defense, bombing Pakistan and his many stands on the Troop Surge are indicative of one blowing with the wind. John McCain has said and done some things that just absolutely drive me crazy - just like GWB - but there is one thing you can be sure of; he most assuredly sticks by his guns and does not blow with the wind or pollsters. Obama on the other hand, well, he speaks to the moment to whomever he is trying to reach and has been known to hold every view on every issue in the same paragraph.

If you are interested in a Debate Score Card, Hugh Hewitt has one. His blog also has a postmortem review and a Master-Grasshopper analogy. Don't forget, Obama has a bracelet too.

Donald Douglas has a great review as well. Obama, if anything, proved that he is all about growing the government and not the country. He thinks government is the country whereas McCain sees and knows differently. And, on that point alone, the Leftinistra will drool all over themselves spinning the debate as an Obama victory. Naturally, the Marxists agree with each other. Of that there can be no doubt.

Obama had his Kissinger moment and was duly spanked. He was also schooled on Iraq. As we discussed this debate on my BTR show, we are not fighting 2 wars...we are fighting 1 war. Using Czarbie's pathetic rhetoric, we are fighting 80+ wars. What a silly man. The entire evening, Czarbie was schooled by The Teacher...the man with experience. Pretty much during the evening, Czarbie said that McCain was right and McCaiin said - rightfully - that Czarbie didn't understand.

Yes, Sir! The debate was handily won by Senator McCain, soon to be President Elect McCain. McCain may not have shredded Czarbie as we had hoped or wished that he would. However, perhaps he is acting Presidential and we are wanting blood.