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Thursday, October 2, 2008

War News Update


Those nice religious people called terrorists bombed a religious institute called a mosque in the Big D killing 11 or so and wounding 30 or so. Al Reuters in the Big B has determined that the fighting is winding down and the group keeping track of the war casualties, for nefarious reasons in my view, backs it up.

In other news, much like I have reported here and elsewhere, it has been shown that Pakistani elements has been arming the Taliban and AQ in Afghanistan. One of these days someone is going to have to syndicate my stuff...I have been there and done that.

Folks have been proclaiming that Joe Biden is a friend of the military. I know differently. That said, there is a report now that the military thinks Joe Biden is the very definition of LIAR and the military, by and large, pretty much hate the guy. I don't blame them one bit.

While Barack Insane Hussein wants to talk unconditionally to his friends in Iran, that very country that he has stated is so much smaller than the USA is making some deadly plans for the future of shipping in the Arabian Gulf.

As mandated by law, specific reports are to be submitted to Congress in regards to Iraq and other areas of military activity. For Iraq, the reports are called "Measuring Security And Stability In Iraq." I have been keeping tabs on these reports as I perform my research in regards to the casualties the Leftinistra in my country have perpetrated on our Troops in a time of war. As you can see in the latest reports, the violence has dramatically subsided due directly to the Troop Surge (that my son was part of by the way) that Barack reluctantly acknowledges - when cornered and if convenient. Currently, action is at or below the 2004 levels. Naturally, the ITO wold have been over quite sooner if the Leftinistra hadn't played political football with our Troops for the 2006 elections. That ploy has bitten them where it hurts. The successes are so obvious, the Lame Stream can no longer hide it.

Conn Carroll has written an excellent piece in this regard and I just may include it in the manuscript nearly completed. In that piece, the Rasmussen report is linked and referenced and I am sure that ReidCo and PelosiCo are losing sleep over it. I wonder what they tell the demons when they come at night.

As most know, the 101st Airborne is near and dear to me. In an AP report we read that a 101st Airborne soldier was KIA by an Afghani cop. Not that I put much credence in anything the AP, Al Reuters or the BBC report, the fact remains that an Airborne was KIA.

There are reports out that the Jihadi scum of the world are going to zap a facility because it has been too "westernized". It is an amusement park of sorts and, well, we all know what they think of our Disney characters.

Remember when Hillary said that she knew for a fact that the Iraqis were listening to her every word and actually paying attention to what she was telling them? That was a joke. However, they are indeed watching our electoral international embarrassment. I am too. Czarbie the Marxist wants to make nice-nice with the life-long enemy of Iraq and that would be Iran.

Speaking of moonbats, Czarbie being their Chieftain, Dan brings us a story from the sewers of the KOSmonoff peace thug morons claiming that "rednecks or soldiers" are behind attempts at killing Muslims here in the States. Pathetic hate-filled idiots that they are, they actually believe that crap. If the rednecks and soldiers are indeed like that, would it be wise to piss them off? Just sayin'.

And RG brings us the continuing saga of a possible October Surprise and it isn't from the GOP or DNC.

Herschel Smith brings us a story of a possible Tribal Awakening in Pakistan. Could this be a possible repeat of the Anbar Awakening? Let's pray so.

Some are wondering why the USA is sending a radar system to Israel. It is obvious why and Right Truth makes it plainly obvious even to the oblivious...it is 11 minutes from Tehran to anywhere in Israel.

As usual, I try to include a libtard brain-dead idiot's take on all of this and in this post, Gary Kamiya wins the Rubber Chicken Award. The folks over at the slobbering sots of the Sa"loon" are in competition, or so it seems, with the frothing Soros lap suckers of Soros - the Real One - of which they worship without considering the consequences - over at the Drooling Daily KOSmonoffs. Sometimes it is extremely hard distinguishing them one from another.

These same-same moonbat types have upon many occasions stated that when the 2008 elections come around, GWB was going to be declaring Martial Law and stay in office. Although that would be far better than a Czarbie presidency, I do shudder at the thought. However, Rep Burgess has claimed that Pelosi has declared Martial Law. Kind of bizarre that. I wonder if this guy is one of theirs...