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Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Dogs of War Unleashed - Obama Exposed


Bring it on Czarbie Thugs and Goons! Bring it on!

While the BBC whines about Sarah Palin linking Czarbie to known terrorists, I just have to laugh. I have known this for several years. He fits the mold in my collection of posts, articles and items that I call Democrats and Terrorists. Folks, he isn't the only Democrat guilty by association at all.

Pamela Gellar has the continuing series of voter fraud issues linked directly to Czarbie. Naturally, the trouser rompers that support the Marxist fraud will whine. While more and more evidence is compiled each and every day revealing the known ties to illegal activities of the Czarbie and his ties to known fellow anti-Americanists, Don Surber brings us this:
[...] The Times called Ayers a 1960s bomber when in fact the bombings were began in 1970 and ended with the 1981 robbery of a Brinks truck which left two terrorists (named in the story) two police officers (not named) and a Brinks guard (also not named) dead.

Ayers famously said 20 years later in a story published in the New York Times on 9/11 that he has no regrets– other than that he did not cause more mayhem.

This was said not when Obama was 11 (actually Obama was 20 when the Brinks robbery went down) but when Obama was 40.

Ayers said this 6 years after he met Obama and was working within the system.

Some on the Left consider Ayers a hero. [...]
Indeed. This is why I question their patriotism...no one can truly identify to whom or to what they swear their allegiance. It most assuredly is not to the United States Constitution no matter the rhetoric to the contrary. Just like Ron Paul, just because one can say and spell "constitution" doesn't mean one knows what is says...just ask Sen KKK Byrd. Folks...character does matter and Czarbie is a character but there is nothing honorable about the fraud at all.
Certainly, this country has never seen as Far Left a ticket at Obama-Biden ticket.
Never has America seen a presidential candidate with such inexperience.
Never has there been a presidential candidate with such poor judgement.
On his one major vote in the US Senate on the surge in Iraq Barack Obama was wrong. [...]
That right there is out of the ballpark! The "controversial" article published in August of 2001 can be found here and clicking out will bring you here. As LGF has done, I too have saved the article just in case one of the Czarbie Goons has it removed in an effort to stifle constitutional rights and also to rewrite history as the Leftinistra are prone to do. LGF also has a good article of this here published back in May.

In yet another turn of events, Czarbie just cannot get enough of those Weather Underground anti-Americanists. He now has another one on his payroll. I wonder how many he wants to make Cabinet Members? No matter how the Czarbie Trouser lickers try to spin Czarbie's anti-Americanist crap, we will be sure to bring out the Truth. Catch the video of pathetic spin here. NOTE!!!: language warning at this post...

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