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Friday, August 15, 2008

Alternative Fuel/Energy Takes Too Long!!


Since the mid-1960s and the early 1970s, I have heard and was taught and was brow beat with the threats of nuclear annihilation, global warming and a soon to be upon us ice age. I remember being ushered into the corridors and hallways of my school for years "practicing" surviving nuclear bomb detonations and the ensuing fall-out with radio active dust and particles falling from the sky dissolving my skin from my bones. Even then I questioned the logic of sitting on the floor with hundreds of others with our heads between our legs. How in the hell was that supposed to save us? What would we do when the sun suddenly get so hot even the water would boil? What would we do when the glaciers invaded south from Canada?

My father built a fall-out shelter in our back yard. He didn't know what to do about the global warming myth or the ice-age myth either. He did tell his children that although the nuclear holocaust was indeed a distinct possibility, the other impending "threats" were myths invented by educated men and women educated beyond their intelligence levels and they dwelt and thrived within the boundaries of scare tactics and sensationalism. My parents were democrats back then and to this day, still are. But, how could our teachers be so right about the Red Threats but be so damned wrong about the others? Which scientists were we to believe? I had viewed pictures of Nagasaki and Hiroshima and my father was part of the clean-up operations in Japan. That possible threat was something I believed because I had seen it through pictures and the stories on my fathers' lap. I had never seen or viewed pictures or listened to stories of the other doom and gloom issues. No one else had either. I asked.

My teachers were heard arguing quite often that we were either in for either 140-degree days every day of our lives or sub-zero temperatures due to the onslaught of an ice-age, either of which was surely to destroy us all because Mother Earth was unhappy. It seemed to be even back then that Mother Earth was confused as well.

They scared the hell out of us by arguing and then "teaching" us to be prepared for doom and gloom on three fronts. And, it didn't matter which one because if nothing happened by the mid-1970s, surely by 1980 - "if we lived that long" - all was lost. If the nukes from the USSR didn't kill us, the world burning to a crisp would. If the nukes and the world burning up didn't kill us, the frozen tundra soon upon us would.

Some even proclaimed that if we "didn't act now" Lower Manhattan would either be under water or glazed over in ice by the mid-1970s. To make matters worse, the emerging nuclear power plant technology was tantamount to a nuclear suicide pact. I sure was a confused lad. So, as I worried and fretted about the potential ice age, the potential burning to a crisp, the possibility of nuclear obliteration either from the Red Chinese or the USSR or even Cuba for that matter, and a very definite maybe possibility of a China Syndrome effect of a nuclear power plant gone terribly wrong, my brother was KIA in Quang Tri Province in the Tet Offensive of 1968.

From my early teens up until I graduated high school, there wasn't a cynic dead or alive more cynical than I. I was sure of it. Every adult was an idiot. Every politician was a sociopathic moron. I trusted no one. I believed nary a soul. The world was going to hell and there wasn't anything I could do about it. Every single person at least 5 years older than myself was a liar, no matter the topic.

By 1970, ALL of Manhattan was just as filthy, dirty and crime-ridden, bone dry, hot in the summer and frozen in the winter as it was every day that I lived there. I remember the WTC being built and had been in The Pit countless times. By 1975, no nukes fell from the skies, there were no China Syndrome "accidents", no glaciers crashed through my bedroom and carried me away to Florida and, once again, Manhattan was a bone-dry cesspool, hot in the summer, cold in the winter with the occasional chalk outline of a dead body either in the streets or sidewalks.

By 1980, the same. By 1985, the same. By 1990, the same. By 1995, the same. In the early 1990s, it was said that we had until 2000. Then, in 2006, a Goracle said we had ten years to mend our sinful ways and be healed with carbon credits...I STILL have no idea just what in the hell buying a carbon credit with US Dollars will accomplish in regards to stopping either nukes, global warming or an ice-age. Not one single theoretically educated individual has the ability, with a straight face, to explain that exactly and satisfactorily.

In the photo above taken from the Valleywag, there is a description and a comment that there is going to be two of these solar power plants built in California. If you ask me or even if you don't, it is quite unsightly, don't you think? And, where will they be built seeing that it takes so much territory? How much power will be collected and to where will it be distributed? Will they be able to withstand hail storms? Lightning strikes? Ecoterrorists? Will they work with extreme cloud coverage (whatever extreme is in this regard) like another Mount St Helens nuclear-like detonation?

The Valleywag has a very well presented case against the evident fraud which resides inside of the self-made hoodlum land and water grabber T Boone "Al Capone" Pickens in cahoots with Nancy "Don't Touch My Purse" Pelosi. Hopefully, what they are up to is illegal and, if not, it is certainly unethical. At least the Main Street Media is keeping tabs on these cretins.

We have been told by many a politician and other idiots that we cannot drill because it just takes too damn long. Why, then, should we build unsightly Solar Panel Plants that take up way much more land than an oil rig if it takes five years to get one on-line? How many will be needed to power the entire country and how long will that take? Is it worth the effort? Ask "Nanna" and "Pickers". They seem to think so because they will profit in the billions, even if it takes 100 years to build all the Solar plants required to be free of foreign oil.

I say drill now. It will take less time to get off of foreign oil than it will any other means of energy because NOTHING is a viable replacement at the moment.

I picked up the Screamin' Eagle and his wife tonight at the airport after returning from the Real California. They said the Conservatives and mostly Republicans live up there. They want California divided up. Every thing north of Sacramento is the real California. Every thing south, including Sacramento can be sold off to the nearest land dump and let the libtards run amok seeing that is what they are doing anyway.

We talked about alternative energy and they are both very well versed in the issue. I didn't agree with everything they said but at least they acknowledge that Nanna and T-Sticks are blowing smoke and fogging up the mirrors. Her father MAKES HIS OWN FUEL FOR HIS FARM VEHICLES with algae. ALGAE? Yes, algae. He says corn is for eating and the idiots that think corn is for fuel is smoking the same crap the idiots in SoCal are smoking. He hates the scam artists and schemers more than we do.

Anyway, we all agreed that in the interim, while the politicians continue to lie to We The People, we need to Drill Here, Drill Now and Pay Less. I told our Screamin' Eagle that he should run for office if he could refrain from being sucked into the corruption. He said that I had taught him better than that and he was considering it. He wants to join the other Conservative Iraq War Veterans which take their rightful places in the once honorable halls of CONgress.