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Saturday, August 16, 2008

From Russia With Love...Reader Beware


Now that we have learned that the Georgian-USSR/Soviet War was the doings of McCain, Cheney and Bush, we can all relax now. Russia has stated that they will nuke Poland. And that is a good thing. It will get our Troops out of Iraq, Iran (yes they are there), Afghanistan and Pakistan. It might even get them pulled out of the Philippines, Africa and most of Europe. Hell. We just might be lucky enough to get them pulled out of Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Surely Czarbama, The One that is no threat to anyone in particular would be able to handle the situation in a Presidential manner. After all, Czarbama is modeling himself after Jimmy Carter who knew so much better than anyone in the universe about all things, especially the USSR. So, yes, Czarbama is clearly The One to lead us all.

While GWB talked sternly to the USSR and Czarbama blamed the West, McCain did otherwise to the klaxons of the Leftinistra anti-Americanists. As Ronald Wilson Reagan so called the USSR the Evil Empire, so states the President of Georgia. However, it is the USA that is the Evil One according to Czarbama so he is naturally the best one for the job out of all of our choices to date. All hail to The One. Forget that idiot Bolton. What the hell does he know? After all, the USSR is a "strategic partner". I suppose Macsmind has lost his mind. Czarbama is The One seeing that the USSR was well within their rights to defend themselves. What was once a voice of reason has been reduced to something else because The One is so much better for the nation.

We have realized our mistakes and we have received our just rewards. The KGB are actually our friends and the CPUSA supports The One. Surely such bastions of tolerance and Utopia cannot be wrong and would set out to purposefully mislead anyone. Would they? And, in conjunction with all there is to know about Czarbama, The One, should become President for the following reasons: well, I was going to place them here but, due to the awesome purity of it all and the wisdom therein, I cannot commit such sacrilege. Needless to say, all of ten valid points are there. The once valid 25 points are hereby proclaimed to be anathema to The One and should be totally held in great disdain. In more recent times 7 positive signs must also be held in the utmost disgust and cannot be recognized in any way, shape or form. However, rest assured that the other 7 signs must be addressed. The One will prevail. After all, The One has the economy in his best interests and surely knows all there is that needs to be known.

And, yes, the USSR should be allowed to reconvene because naturally, they are our friends because The One is Master and Lord of all and can do no wrong...anything erstwhile offends the gods.

It was The One that brought about the cease-fire between the USSR and Georgia, did he not? Did he not handle the War For Oil correctly and GWB did not? We can also discredit that war monger General Patton. He was merely a tooled pawn of those against enlightenment. We should let bygones be bygones and get on with our lives and be content in our new found enlightenment.

The beguiled, as in the day of Reagan, are breaking to McCain and it is our civic duty to correct this horrendous activity...or else. Or else the nation is doomed because The One is no threat and The One knows best. Face it. The Georgians are reaping that which they have sown and The One agrees.

We need to embrace the patriotism of The One for patriotism is everything to everyone and there is no hope for change without it. We will embrace the landslide and be glad in it. The Ones' National Security policies are spot on and cannot be questioned and The One is correct. Only the USSR The Benevolent has the right to possess nukes as does Iran. We are The Evil and must be rid of them all. Besides, his Master says so.

Besides, what in the hell does McCain know? He has white hair.