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Monday, August 11, 2008

The Pelosi Stunt: Grounded In Profit


It has come to our attention via #dontgo that Madam Speaker's stunt on 01 AUG 08 was not only for her book and to squelch the Free Press and fellow House Members properly informing the public but also to pad her bank account. See image to the left.

Does anyone see the double standard there? I do. So, it is wrong for an oil company to make profit but it is quite OK for Nanna to make "windfall profits" as a direct influence of her office? Is that ethical? Yes? No? Is it legal? Yes? No?
[...] Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi purchased between $50K and $100K of stock on May 25th 2007, the day of the initial public offering.

She, and other investors, stand to gain a substantial return on their investment if gasoline prices stay high and municipal, state and even the Federal governments start using natural gas as their primary fuel source.

If gasoline prices fall? Alternative fuels and the cost to convert fleets over to them becomes less and less attractive.

CLICK HERE for Madam Speaker's financial disclosures for 2007. The purchase of CLNE appears on page 7 of the document. [END]

WOW! I wonder if there was some kind of insider trading going on there.

John Shadegg asks: Where's the Energy? Locked up, thanks to Speaker Pelosi. Not only that, the energy isn't discovered yet not is it close to coming to market but Nanna will be sure to profit from it being on the ground floor and all.
We are the nation of Velcro, the light-bulb, the microwave, the Ford Model-T, and the Wright Brothers. We fought and defeated tyranny and fascism. We've walked on the moon. Where others see impossibility, our nation sees a challenge. Pessimism and hopelessness are not American characteristics. As the price of gas climbs higher and higher, doomsday scenarios are playing out in the media. Americans aren't buying it, they're demanding a solution. But our can-do nation is suffering at the hands of "can't-do" congressional leadership. After months of prohibiting a vote on increased domestic oil production, House Democrats have gone on summer vacation - a luxury many Americans can no longer afford. [...]
Stating it as clearly as I can - the Democrat Party Leadership members are clearly Enemies of The State. They WILL not perform their Constitutional duties and mandates and do the bidding of the American People. By their actions for several decades now, their version of Representation id treating the American People like their children not quite old enough to know any better and need protecting. That is unacceptable.

In another article at #dontgo, we read the following:
Nancy Pelosi says that she is trying to save the planet and prevent global warming, but the reality is that, according to disclosure statements, in May 2007 she invested in T. Boone Picken's clean energy fuels corp., CLNE, which is the sole sponsor of a proposal in California to funnel $5 billion in state funds and $5 billion in Federal funs to this corporation to create a giant wind farm in the Texas panhandle.

An overlooked story in November of 2007 shows that the T. Boone Pickens plan involves the private control of water, which Pickens wants to be able to sell to big cities via giant water pipelines which will be built on land seized under immanent domain. [...]
And there you have it...a MAJOR government land grab is in the works, stripping private land ownership away from We The People - all in the name of the greater good - which IS unconstitutional.

And, before I go, as the Leftinistra whine, froth and foam about the "evil oil companies" making money, Nanna plans on dwarfing those profits. And, as this takes place, OPEC announced yesterday that they themselves have reached a "windfall profit" milestone on the backs of the American People that the Nannas of this country will do nothing about.

Vote up the Digital Journal version please...need $$$ for DC trip. Thanks.