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Friday, August 15, 2008

The #dontgo Movement: Libtards Frantic


In a frantic hit piece at ReasonOnline which, by the way, is nothing remotely near "reasonable" is yet another example of moonbats on the losing end of an issue as they are on all issues. Truly pathetic but typical. What these mealy-mouthed lap lickers of their major handler Soros fear the most is that the politicians are going to actually begin to perform their Constitutional Duties and obey the edicts of We The People. Most of the GOP "stuntmen" have signed onto the social network Twitter and are now in direct communication with their constituents.

Please recall some time ago when we reported that Nanna was trying to shut that aspect of communication down. So much for freedom of speech, eh? Also take note that the #dontgo Movement is such a viable threat that the "voices of reason" attacked the site, tried to hack into the site and initially spammed the site in order to shut it down. It failed. Miserably. When was the last time a Conservative thought it to be an honorable happenstance to hack into a MoveOn site to shut it down? When was the last time a Conservative blogger thought it to be honorable to hack into a web site of the opposition in order to shut it down? Please forgive the questions. The answers are readily evident. Opposition members to Conservative Principles have no honor, self-respect or dignity. They are shallow-minded fools whose parents were equally as shallow-minded and taught them no morals. Must be sad going through life bloody well knowing hat they are, each and every one, a liar and full of self-loathing.

For example, we have Hunter from the Daily Fruit Loop Brigade KOSmonoffs decrying that drilling is bad policy. Why, then, is Nanna involved in a scheme that REQUIRES drilling at the expense of the American People to line her pockets with capitalist pig money? Again, please forgive the question. The answer reveals the status quo DNC Double Standard.

We have Satyam at the ReverseEngineering laughing stock whining about topics such as "he said, she said, they said" nonsense and is obviously incapable of grasping the issue of energy independence. This particular libtard blog dedicates its time to exposing itself as truly inane in most issues. I say most because a few times they were actually right about a few things and even went into their comments section to say so.

The Leftinistra will not acknowledge that the Energy Crisis before us is indeed a National Security Issue. We Conservatives have known that it IS a National Security Crisis for decades. We have also know for those same decades that we could be free of foreign oil and could have been free of foreign oil if the Leftinistra hadn't blocked every move. And now, once more, the Leftinistra are blocking it even though the vast majority of Americans are DEMANDING that we go get our own oil. We also are DEMANDING that we stop talking about alternative fuel sources and just giterdun.

So, Nanna is now blocking drilling in order to line her own purse at our expense. This is yet another example of the DNC Double Standard and is quite unacceptable.

We need to and MUST DEMAND that GOPers in DC and across this nation sign onto the efforts to block each and every attempt of the DNC and their handlers to extend the No Oil Zone moratoriums. We are DEMANDING Freedom Energy Day to become a reality and the Gang of Ten need to be silenced.

Nanna is beginning to feel the heat but she hasn't fully realized the implications of ignoring us, to her own detriment. In Day 11 of the American Energy Act rebellion, we find Czarbama without a clue in regards to the economy or the implications of a nation in an energy crisis. Nanna, on the other hand does. That is why she has been able to nearly triple her initial investment with the T-Bonehead Pickens dweeb.

The #dontgo movement and the #dontcompromise movement, pretty much the same, sends a chill up and down the legs of the Leftinistra and not in a good way...for them. It is fear of defeat that creates the chills. The Gang of Ten explained in detail at QandO exposes the RINOs in the Senate that feel left out of the "debate".
[...] I have to tell you, I sometimes wonder what happens to politicians when they cross inside that beltway which surrounds Washington DC. If this is an example, it is a disease badly in need of a cure. Instead of a plan which would offer a way toward breaking our dependence on foreign oil, they’ve offered one which punishes domestic oil companies with taxes, ignores the vast resources available off the Pacific coast, North Atlantic coast, Alaska and in our west, and accepts a pittance in return (which will really do nothing toward bringing on line the supply of oil and gas necessary to cut our dependence on foreign oil).

Or said another way, they managed to give the Democrats everything they wanted without a single shot being fired.

Boobs like that deserve to lose elections. Hell, I can get a Democrat to come up with that sort of garbage. What do I need Republicans for? [END]
OUCH! That is going to leave a scar. For an even deeper would that may not ever heal, Brian at Redstate has a scathing version of the excellent post at QandO: House Republicans to Senate: "I'm With Stupid"
Thanks to Brian Johnson for stopping by to post this. Brian is is a Federal Affairs Manager and Energy Policy Analyst at Americans for Tax Reform and has been quite helpful to me in understanding this compromise plan. - Erick

Yes my friends, I am speaking of the infamous "Gang of Ten" and their fantastically suicidal energy plan (well, at least for five of them).

The plan itself is drastically flawed. And the image they are cultivating while their brethren on the other side of isle (i.e. the House) fighting tooth-and-nail to have a real energy plan, is even more destructive.

Let's look at their alleged "compromise" piece by piece shall we (and readers, try not to gouge your eyes out, or siphon your neighbors tank while reading): [...]
And that was merely the opening volley...read the rest...

For more blog posts and articles for the current Energy Crisis that I have collected, feel free to visit here and have at it. There are hundreds located there and they include everything that we at A Newt One have published.