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Sunday, August 10, 2008

#dontgo: The Libtard Attacks Continue


Here we go again, folks. Seeing that the MoverOnMoosetwits failed in their attempts to shut down the #dontgo movement, now we have an outright lie from - SURPRISE - a Leftinistra "greeny". I wonder if the Gang of Ten have anything to do with this........??

In an article entitled, The Real Story of the 110th Congress: The Right-Wing Block-And-Blame Game, we read the following:
A record-breaking campaign of obstruction was waged by the Republican minority in Congress during the 110th Congress to keep the Democratic majority from enacting legislation sought by the American people. Their strategy of "block and blame" has driven the perception of a "do-nothing Congress." In reality, the 110th Congress would have achieved truly landmark accomplishments - including safely bringing the troops home from Iraq, reducing America's dependence on foreign oil and its contribution to global warming, and funding long-neglected domestic priorities - had it not been for conservative obstruction. [...]
Is that criminally laughable or what? It seems as though that these dweeb sycophants of Soros see that they cannot win on substance and on issues so they will do what they do best...lie, cheat, mislead and distract. So sad to be this idiot who is too ashamed to place their name in the posting. Imagine that?

It is an historical fact that it has been the Democrat Party and their fellow green-brained idiots that have blocked America from getting independence from foreign oil, period. It has been an historical fact that it has been the Democrat Party and their fellow greeniac cowards that have tried to lose the GWOT on all levels.

It is an historical fact that man-made Global Warming is a myth yet they cling to their Communist Manifesto and Play Book of Lies to deceive the American People.

It is apparent that the owners and contributors to the above linked web site should be placed in a rubber room for their own safety.

What these intellectually void people fail to grasp is that Speaker Pelosi closed off debate because it is she and her kind - like the idiots linked - that don't want the American People to discover the Truth and will distort Truth for political gain. How sad is that?

Then again, when their rhetoric matches that of Udall, what should we expect other than more ignorance and stupidity?