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Monday, August 11, 2008

Remember That Emotional Gravy Train?


The LATimes is all ga-ga over the possibility that the Czarbama may announce his running mate over the LATimes Twitter line. My word. There is more of this over at Memeorandum.

The astute political observers, such as us at A Newt One have been saying for quite some time that the emotional gravy train of The One wouldn't last very long. Finally, the semi-astute media is beginning to see the light, as it were. WSJ:
Ever heard of Obama fatigue? Well, new research from the Pew Research Center "discovered that 48 percent of all voters and, tellingly, 51 percent of independents feel they have been 'hearing too much’'about Barack Obama. In contrast, only 10 percent of voters say they have been 'hearing too little' about the de facto Democratic nominee," writes Salon.com's Walter Shapiro. [...]
Salon? Oh, for heavens' sakes. Salon? The promoters of socialist ideals? WOW. Who cares what they think? Alas - I digress.
[...] "There may be a surfboard analogy here as well - no one can ride a wave forever. Obama has bestrode the news cycle like a Colossus since he entered the presidential race a year and a half ago. Whenever he hit low points like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright debacle, Obama's instinctive response was to deliver a stirring speech ... But there comes in politics a moment where what was once exhilarating (a presidential nominee who is the hopeful embodiment of 21st century America) becomes predictable and commonplace." [...]
Gee. I wonder where "we" have heard this before? It is about time the old media started reading my stuff. Folks? This is a decisive and definitive moment here. Czarbama has just been turned into the incumbent candidate. Mark my words.

In support of this, I have written many times that Czarbama will not be the next President of the United States. Period. The reasons are many; too young, too inexperienced, too whiny, takes things too personally, whines a lot, can't handle criticism, can't handle pressure, can't put two coherent words together without a teleprompter, hates America, hates our Troops, lies a lot, holds every side to every issue depending on the length of a speech, has no knowledge of foreign policy making, has never addressed a national issue without degrading the country he lusts to lead, has never conducted a national emergency in a leadership position, voted many times to NOT fund the Troops and list goes on. HE wants to raise taxes even though he says taxes are too high. He states that Congress spends too much yet wants to create a Civilian National Security Force that is just as strong, just as powerful and just as well funded as the United States Armed Forces, among other expenditures. We are in a national security and national emergency in regards to fuel costs and supplies yet he wants to deny increasing the supply by suggesting we get tune ups (on vehicles that don't require them) and inflating our tires. We have nearly won the War In Iraq yet he denies the Troop Surge worked and wants to talk to Iran about a peace: I haven't figured that one out yet.

The American People have figured this clown out. He is toast...he just doesn't know it yet. The American Thinker has a few things to say about this as well but, in short, they have three reasons why Czarbama won't make it into the White House:
There is palpable anxiety, even despair, among many Republicans and conservatives over the possibility that Barack Obama will be elected president this November. This anxiety is being fueled by the mainstream media's fawning coverage of Obama's every word, while shamelessly downplaying John McCain's campaign; by public opinion polls that purport to show Obama "leading" the race over McCain; and by political commentators, on both sides of the aisle, who believe this is the Democrats' "election to lose," based on historical cycles, an uneven economy, high gas prices, continuing opposition to the Iraq War, and President Bush's dismal approval ratings.

I don't share this anxiety. For months now, I have been reassuring my right-leaning friends that Barack Obama will not be elected president. If I were a gambling man, I would buy lots of McCain stock on Intrade. Why am I so confident that John McCain is going to win the election? In short, because Barack Obama is not an acceptable choice to lead the country. Let me explain. [...]
In short, here are their three reasons. You will have to go over there to get the full drift but I think I covered it pretty good above.
Obama is too young and inexperienced. Obama is too liberal. Obama is too race-conscious.
Again, I am positive I have covered these points many times. And, note to the American Thinker...I am for hire.

While I was writing this piece, I came across an article at RCP that sums up making Czarbama the incumbent candidate. Neat.
WASHINGTON -- The core strategy of John McCain's campaign is to turn Barack Obama into the incumbent, the man who is too familiar yet still mysterious. The McCain effort reflects one of the most remarkable aspects of the 2008 campaign: Obama has turned himself into the central figure in American politics. That is an extraordinary achievement, but it comes at a cost. One cost was measured by a fascinating Pew Research Center study released last week finding that 48 percent of those surveyed -- and 51 percent of political independents -- said they had heard "too much" about Obama. Only 26 percent (and 28 percent of independents) said that about McCain. [...]
Like I said...I am for hire. I don't want to rain on anyones' parade but the DNC just hasn't gotten the message yet. I think someone needs to inform them that "all is lost". They are all set to change the course of the nation but it is too late...we already know about it and won't allow it to take place. They are too chicken to actually fight hand-to-hand...we are not and we don't like the direction in which they want to go. Their direction is clear by the very Marxist pig-thug they have chosen to send this nation into a bloody civil war. More of this at Memeorandum.

To see how the "other side" truly thinks, here is a sampling and you tell me why we take these self-indulging sad-sacks seriously...
The past few years my personal life has taken a nosedive. I think the biggest factor is this anger I've got inside, which frequently prevents me from socializing and meeting new people (or just having a good time with people). Basically I've become a very grumpy middle-aged man.

This all basically started after the 2000 election. [...]

[...] BTW, I have been on Prozac for about 15 years for mild chronic depression. Normally I feel like Prozac has been good for me, keeping away the blue days and making my skin thicker. [...]

[...] Some of us who think of ourselves as liberal, rational, freethinking, freedom-loving patriots have a special problem with anger. We are deeply affected by what we see going on in our country. We see a symphony of outrage heaped upon outrage; we see the brazenness of it, its roots in years of secret plotting; we perceive intricate patterns in its serpentine, many-tentacled, conspiratorial vastness; we see our sacred precepts violated, sacred vows trashed; we jeer the garishly painted faces of evil as they trot onstage, and our jeers do not seem to be heard and this compounds our outrage; we join our compatriots in outrage, and our righteous anger grows.

We think our anger is justified. The abuses are so obvious, the perpetrators so shameless, the crimes so awful and historic. Who would not be angry? How could anger be our problem?

But our anger is our problem. At historic moments like this, we are called to come up with something better than anger. [...]
That about covers it, doesn't it? You can go read the rest if you have a few minutes but...

Folks, it is all about emotions with these people and that is what Czarbama targets. Seeing that he himself is an emotional type and is void of intellect, he cannot appeal to the intellectual. It is above his reach.