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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

KOSmonoffs: Scared Doesn't Even Begin....?


These poor Peace Thugs just crack me up. Yes indeed. Let it be November already. I will absolutely enjoy gnawing on my popcorn watching all of the moonbats spinning around like Taz. Taking into consideration the article at SC&A describing in detail how dismally unhappy the moonbats are with themselves and for the most part, Conservatives are a happy bunch, nearly always looking at the bright side of things and focusing on the positives in lieu of bottom feeding whiners as your basic liberal is so accustomed to doing, it is no wonder that the KOSmonoffs are the laughing stock in Blogdom. They never cease to amaze me. I remember once a while ago that one of them actually posted a "happy piece". Alas! I failed to take a screen shot and have since lost its place.

To emphasize the point of how "udderly" flakey they are, LGF has a piece outlining how the KOSmonoffs thrive on hate. They will deny it, naturally but, filled with hatred they are. They revel in the suffering of others - as long as one of those others isn't one of their own. A Conservative on the other hand, does not revel in the misery of others when the misery is real, dangerous and life-threatening. For instance, although I completely disavow any sanity within the persona of one Ron Paul, his wife obviously sees something in him and has stuck it out with him - right or wrong - through thick and thicker. (Can't say that much for their beloved Edwards now, can they?)

Ron Paul's wife on last word I have, is gravely ill and prayers are rising for a recovery and return to normalcy. I wish neither any harm but certainly will not waste a vote on him. I can differentiate. A moonbat cannot. Read the LGF post and let me know if I am "mispoken".

Anyone at all that disagrees with the Leftinistra is considered to be whatever they say they are and ill-thoughts prevail. It is the norm "Rather" than the exception. Ask Jon Voight.

As soon as the KOSmonoffs get wind of this next "gaffe" of their Zombie Czarbama, be prepared for another onslaught of their pathetic hackerbots to come swooping down and pretend that they are a force to be reckoned with. I laugh at their antics. With Czarbama's known communist mentors, they dare say it means nothing? That's a lie but, liars make up the membership of the American Leftinistra - the Enemies of the State.

To further expose and/or enhance their total dysfunction when it comes within the realm of reality - and their willful suspension of disbelief - their "Other One", The Goracle sails around in a polluting 100' fossil fuel guzzler and think it is quite alright to do so. How curious is that double standard? And they dare whine about President Bush whose home is pretty much the greenest in this country? And The Goracles' home? Please. Make it stop. As he flies around in aircraft that measure fuel used by gallons per flight hour and sails his yacht killing plankton and other earth-friendly microbes and travels in squadrons of fossil fuel guzzling limo SUVs (and leaves the engines running), is it any wonder we mock them with such contempt? I suppose that The Goracle is conserving something but what that is escapes even the moonbat - or not.

No wonder they are scared of one John McCain. Their ZERO Czarbama is crashing down and their is nothing left remaining to bolster is plummet into the Abyss of Obscurity we have prepared for him.

While the moonbats revel in two "former" GOPers are supporting their Chosen One Czarbama, they fail to recognize why the two "former" GOPers are "former" to start with. Who gives a bucket of turtle turds what and who - or why - Jim Leach and Lincoln Chaffe support The One? They were classified as RINOs many moons ago and the electorate said via elections that if they are going to be acting like Leftinistra socialist scum, they might as well do it out of the power curve and join up with their "friends". And, so, they have. Good for them. Nothing like PROVING that which we have been saying for years now.
[...] With lifetime ACU ratings for Leach in the 40% range, and in the 30% range for Chafee, I would hardly call these two "Republican" defectors. All they did was shed their phony RINO skin once kicked out of office, and became what they really are, liberals. [END] (I would have said libtard but, that's just me)

Good. The KOSmonoffs can have them...we don't need or want them back...ever. In conjunction with that, you can take Lindsey Graham while you are at it. You'll deserve each other. The real kicker is that the DINO Lieberman said some derisive words directed at The One. You can view the video here to get the full import as to why the moonbats are howling, wailing and gnashing their teeth. To read an excellent synopsis, go here, and here.

Another RINO, Hagel, placed an IED right under the Czarbama campaign by informing them that he has pretty much said KMA to everyone and isn't endorsing anyone. He is simply all used up and will slowly fall into that Abyss of Obscurity of which he so richly deserves.

In closing, it is obviously obvious even to the oblivious that the Moonbat Fruit Loop Brigades of the pitiful gathering of KOSmonoffs that they never do get the whole story and cannot connect the dots and thus, cannot complete a puzzle or see the big picture. After all, when one espouses half-truths - which are lies - the moral compass is awash in a sea of stupidity.