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Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Insecurity Surrounding The One


It is now eighty six days out from the American National elections and one candidate is in a free-fall from grace and the other is surmounting a come-back. The questions remain; which one will win and upon which values will they run upon?

The choices this year are between fact and fable. However, the never ending screed is fact is fable and fable is fact; right is wrong and wrong is right. In conjunction with this, due to the purposeful muddying of the waters by campaign managers and the once-upon-a-time objective news media, one must be able to see through the dark and fogged glass clearly.

One can say that John McCain from time to time has to look left to see right and Barack Obama more often than not has to look right to see left. As perplexing as this is, it is laughably obvious. While both candidates are guilty as charged in this regard, looking at the motives of either paints a clear picture. Both are going for the old Reagan Democrats and those sitting on the fence.

Senator McCain with a life-time record of serving this nation has garnered respect from both politicians and citizens alike. On the other hand, Senator McCain has accrued some enemies along the way. Senator Obama, with a life-time record of, well, nothing much to account for, he is the New Guy on the block. His total 145 days experience on the national scene doesn't amount to much of anything worthy of note unless one claims his "reaching across the aisle" to find and secure "loose nuclear weapons" is note worthy. If that is his claim to fame on the national scene, it certainly isn't much to talk about. Who wouldn't want to do that and why would it take "reaching across the aisle" to achieve it?

In recent ads from both Camps, it has been revealed the hypocrisy of the Democrat Party leadership. The video released by the McCain Camp both pleased and enraged a wide spectrum of pundits and citizens. The DemRapidResponse team quickly scrambled in response thus falling into the trap set by the McCain Camp. The McCain ad depicted leading Democrats praising and fawning over McCain. The response video depicted those same leading Democrats spewing vitriol at the man they had once praised. So, which is it? Praise or vitriol?

The McCain ad is a classic example of the Maverick in action. Whereas most Conservatives don't want to hear about making friends with the enemy as an achievement, the ad clearly exposes the Double Standard so prevalent among the Leftinistra. Obama has tried to conduct himself in similar fashion but doesn't have the experience required to conduct and project a positive message. America has grown tired of his America Sucks jargon.

One of the many fables I hear, see and read about is that Obama will be the clear victor in November. Not so fast. It is July and he is tanking in the polls - even the infamous biased and opinionated polls. If it is a shoe-in for Obama, why then is he not light years ahead of McCain and why is McCain speeding away. The fact is this - Obama has slipped away and is sliding down in a tail-spin and McCain is rising to the top. From The Hill:
[...] Republican strategist Karl Rove said Sunday the fact that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama does not have a large lead in the race shows that there are "grave doubts" about the Illinois senator.

"With a restive electorate, with an economy that's sort of chugging around, with a war in the background, at the end of eight years of Republican rule in the White House, Obama should be way ahead," Rove, who engineered President Bush's two election victories and whose name is synonymous with tough campaigning, said on CBS's "Face the Nation." [...]
To support the fable v fact meme, there has been data released recently that paints quite a different picture for both Presidential Aspirants. It is indeed safe to say that the race has turned to the favor of McCain and the fable of an Obama victory is giving way to the facts at hand.

When Barack cannot answer a question posed to him by a 7-year old girl without utter disdain for the country he so wishes to rule, the American People quickly turn their backs on such cretins. For the sake of arguing, let us say that Barack was correct in his verbiage. Was it appropriate to tell a 7-year old girl that her country sucks? Not hardly. This is why the fable of Barack is giving way to the fact McCain.

In recent times, it was considered a major faux pas to even think about criticizing The One Barack. Now, it is common place even among Hollywood comedians. Also, the once fabled Barack, after announcing that he would debate McCain or Bush at any time and any where on any thing has given to fact that he lied and runs away at every opportunity. The fact remains is that he is ill-equipped to debate anyone without the use of a teleprompter.

As yet one more war develops and rages on between Georgia and Russia, Obama reveals one more time is inadequacies to lead and falls in line with his mentor Frank siding with Moscow's war of aggression and this one is about oil. Obama urged "restraint" from the people of Georgia. Restraint Barack? Georgia was attacked and you call for restraint? Again, one more example of the leadership fable of Barack. The fact of leadership can be found in McCain:
[...] While Obama offered a response largely in line with statements issued by democratically elected world leaders, including President Bush, first calling on both sides to negotiate, John McCain took a remarkably - and uniquely - more aggressive stance, siding clearly with Georgia's pro-Western leaders and placing the blame for the conflict entirely on Russia. [...]
Georgia is an ally of the United States and had 2,000 fighters in Iraq which have since been flown home. We also have American Troops in Georgia and Barack wants to side with Moscow? This is a would-be leader of the United States? Not only is Baracks's leadership capabilities a fable, they are a myth. His true desires and intents can be found here where he blames the United States for all the woes of the world.

Fable: Obama's leadership qualities.
Fact: Obama's platitudes.

We don't need The One Celebrity in the White House...we need a man of Leadership qualities of which Obama is void of and McCain has - even if we disagree with his line of thinking.

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