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Thursday, August 7, 2008

America Rising: GOP Rebellion Continues To The Convention


Holy Beguiled! The Leftinistra, as the one and only Snooper predicted about 5 years ago, have painted themselves into a corner with no way to get out clean. They are going to get dirty and they are going to get bloodied. Of that there is no doubt. NATURALLY, as Americans go broke because of Leftinistra policies on oil, it is more important selling failed books. What is up with Leftinistra and failures, anyway? They seem to be happier when they fail.

In an article in The Hill, it has been revealed that the GOP will be continuing the rebellion for the American People - so we don't have to do it our way - right up until the DNC Convention. That is just totally rad, dude! What The Hill piece didn't really reveal is that the rebellion will continue the entire 5 weeks of summer recess. I guess that is to be expected coming from The Hill, n'est pas? I got a kick out of how it ended...
[...] The GOP effort has triggered strong reactions from Democrats this week. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the Democratic National Committee issued releases Wednesday that mocked the Republican energy plan. [END]
Strong reactions? I would call it massive whining and Nanna's "rebuke" was so packed full of idiocy even some moonbats wondered what it was she said exactly. When a moonbat gets confused, something is very terribly wrong someplace.

Don't forget to continue to support the historical #dontgomovement and the #dontgoreader. We have the enemy within on the run and they have nowhere to go. It is both sad and hysterical to watch and I am loving every minute of it. I can hardly wait for the GOP to shut the government down over this issue of rising fuel costs which could have been averted YEARS ago. I suppose the happy-happy times of Nanna-Newt are now officially over?

Apparently, while Nanna is in a pressure-induced wide awake coma, our friend across the pond makes an observation that I know for a fact that I have made many times for a very long time...we have seen it before and it turned very ugly, very fast. Sometimes it takes an outsider looking in to see clearly.
[...] Liberals will become more liberal and more dismissive of conservatives and vice versa. The result will undoubtedly be that the culture war will increase in passion and severity. [END]
The question is, who will back down first? The GOP has backed down since RWR was in office time and time again and the country is now nearly split 50-50. We cannot afford to back down one millimeter...EVER again.

In another article, I hear my own words coming back to me and I wonder, "WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?"
The Democrats find themselves on the wrong side of the most important issue to Americans right now. Now is not the time for a compromise. Its time to keep applying pressure. [...]
That would be an almost there type a thing and I will take this to its proper place; the Leftinistra have been on the wrong side of every issue since GWB beat them in two elections. The Leftinistra have placed the nation at risk due to their "udder" hatred of GWB. The Leftinistra have placed the nation at risk and have been directly the cause of Troop casualties all for the sake of political aspirations fomented by their "udder" hatred of GWB. Period. End of discussion. It isn't time to apply more pressure...it is time to destroy them for decades and decades. Expose them for what they are...Marxists and Control Freaks. Period. End of discussion.

If the GOP needs some help, I have THOUSANDS of documents proving it. Give me a call, OK?

If at all possible, get to DC and get onto the floor of the People's House. The "how to do that" instructions are in the linked post.


Let the Leftinistra whine, challenge and bluster. They have already lost and they know it.