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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dawn Is Breaking: Ground Zero #dontgo Revolution


In just a few hours, #dontgo Revolution will commence once more in DC and across the blogosphere as that Conservative Tsunami swells and gains speed.

Patrick Ruffini has said that not only was #dontgo a turning point, he also says - obviously so - that it must continue all the way through August. (more at Memeorandum)
Earlier today, I was privileged to talk to a few dozen bloggers on a conference call put together by Eric Odom, one of the masterminds behind #dontgo. While Eric was asking me a question, a thought struck me. August has actually been somewhat of a critical month in the last few elections, and #dontgo could make it again this time.

It was on August 11, 2006 that George Allen, cruising to re-election, made the Macaca gaffe. Initially, Allen didn't take too big a hit in the polls -- but after issuing what must have been a dozen different apologies and enduring three consecutive weeks of Washington Post hit jobs, Jim Webb was made competitive -- and the Senate was lost. [...]
So true that is and Czarbama isn't helping any with his several positions he holds at the same time, depending upon where he is in the speech he is giving at the time. I can hardly wait for the debates...if Czarbama shoes up for them that is.

While Pelosi continues in her downward tailspin spiral and telling her underlings to lie to retain positions - just like she did - there are some folks just now starting to worry about Czarbama:
Former cheerleaders express concern over who the "man behind the curtain" really is.
No doubt. Hell. Even he doesn't know who is is. He hides behind many curtains and he gets confused when you question his mentor collection: the ones he throws under the bus when each and every one are revealed to be either communists or crooks or unrepentant domestic terrorists.

Today, Newt Gingrich is to make an appearance at the GOP Rebellion Camp. He is fired up as well. And yes, moonbats, this IS a turning point and as I have stated many, many times, your days are indeed numbered.

RWN - Gateway Pundit (whom, btw, was nearly a KIA in traffic yesterday - OK now) - TAT - PG part II - Politico - STACLU - V4R - IBD -

Washington Times:
[...] And here is a hint of how bad the Democrats actually look: Congress has passed energy legislation in some form or another every year over the past eight years, But somehow in 2008, when gas has risen above $4 a gallon and a barrel of oil is at a record-high cost, the Democratic leadership is all of a sudden unwilling to have energy votes. The Democrats' position doesn't pass the smell test. The reason no votes are being allowed is because many of the rank-and-file Democrats will vote yes on removing the moratorium on offshore drilling and vote yes on leasing the land for oil and gas exploration. [...]