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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The #dontgo Revolution


There is so much happening. The Conservative Movement has capitalized on the failed and most disapproved of CONgress in United States history and San Fran Nazi Nanna Nancy is under the misconception that she can get Czarbama to waffle her way out of a scathing rebuke by the American People. Not hardly.

In an article first seen at MSLSD, the trickster and intellectually dishonest SOH is said to have instructed her underling baby democrats in the House to go ahead and lie to their constituents to get re-elected. This will ensure a rousing defeat of any plan to lower fuel prices that those stupid American People are demanding. How DARE they demand anything from her! Even though she promised to do so when she campaigned back in 2006. An observation from Right Wing Sparkle:
[...] Don't you love that? Who cares about "principles" and truth? Pelosi is telling Democrats to go ahead and say they are for drilling to get re-elected because since Democrats will be in charge, they can stop it anyway.

God, I hope the American people are paying attention to this blatant attempt to lie to them in order to win and then do the opposite of what they promised to get elected.

Politicians in general are not the most honest people, but the Democratic leadership (including Obama) right now give new meaning to the word dishonest. [END]
We can add criminally negligent in that they willfully swear their Oaths of Service under false pretenses. So much for the "most open CONgress in history" and the "most ethical CONgress in history", eh Nanna?

With the advent of the #dontgo Movement, the MoveOn Czarbama Sock Puppets had quite the conniption fit today as they tried to crash #dontgo and BTR. The poor things also had a rally to support the Nazi tactics employed by Nanna's Nazi ways and means but, no one really paid them any attention. Even the press doesn't suffer fools for very long. This is evidenced by the inability to out-shout the protest protesters. Check out the last two paragraphs at the Politico. What I found odd is the open admission that MoveOn "trains their protesters". Does anyone find that odd other than I?

In conjunction with the pathetic murmerings of MoveOn trainees, we still have the Children of the Corn not grasping the Czarbama tire pressure gauge statement. Everyone knows that proper tire pressure does in fact increase fuel efficiency. No one doubts that. The gaffe is that Czarbama implied that proper tire inflation and more frequent tune-ups (on vehicles that don't require them for upwards to 100K miles) will not only increase fuel efficiency but in some magical turn of events, will increase the supply to the degree that drilling will not be required. That is the gaffe because everyone knows that is simply not possible. We also know that releasing enough of the Strategic Reserve for perhaps 4 days worth of oil is not going to do anything either.

As further evidence of completely unhinged sycophants of the socialist hordes tearing Billy O of Fox News apart for his nutty rant the other night (no big loss to me - the guy is a nut case), they expose their total lack of logic. Then again, since when does a socialist make any sense? And, for that matter, since when does an anti-Americanist moonbat make any sense?

Billy O, was saying that perhaps the Big Oil Companies can "offer" 2% of their earnings to the American People instead of Czarbama taxing them for being naughty and making a lot of money. Billy O, like Czarbama, are brain dead and so are the idiots at C&L. No matter what color you try to paint the socialist turd, the turd is still a turd, no matter the color of its political persuasion. And, you cannot pick the turd up by the clean end, no matter the good intentions in trying to do so.

What these idiots fail to recognize is this: no matter what you call it - charity or taxation - the costs of stealing from the oil companies will be passed onto the consumer, raising prices. When that happens, the $1K "freebie" from The One Czarbama will, in effect, be useless in the long run. However, the only thing the socialists are interested in any long haul is the complete control of all businesses and every American Citizen. That is their goal and they are using this Big Oil non-issue Issue as a ploy to mask their intents. Remember when whats-her-face let it slip out about "socializing the oil companies"? And, please recall if you will, the oil company executives' response. "We have seen this movie before. It is called Hugo Chavez".

It is a fact of life in the business world that when a competitor sees that there is someone about to become more efficient than they are, they will do whatever it takes to make it seem like the other guy isn't so hot after all. When President Bush lifted the Executive Mritorium off off shore drilling, the price per barrel dropped by over $25 per. It has since dropped evne more and it isn't because we are driving less or having our tire pressures at the correct levels. It is the very thought that the United States is about to use its own resources and stop the outsourcing to our nation's enemies. The very thought that the USA will no longer be spending in the neighborhood 0f $780+Billion per year on foreign oil, the prices magically dropped and OPEC increased production just a hair. The Think Up A Myth folks just don't get that or, they do and are spreading lies - just like a good socialist would. Oh. Are there and is there such a thing as a good socialist? Just askin'. And Big Whiz Blow seems to think in other tangents of mythology:
Big Oil is lining the pockets of Republicans with money, hoping to leverage the public's concern over high gasoline prices into a land grab. Oil interests already have millions of acres under lease which they aren't exploring, but of course the greedy bastards want more.
The poor things really believe that crap. Using that same logic, I suppose the Goracle should be in the same category. But, he is a fellow Leftinistra and I guess it is OK for HIS pockets to be lined with Big Oil but live in a home that isn't one-tenth the "green home" that the GWB ranch in Crawford Texas is. The double standards of these cretins is astounding. The idiots simply HATE capitalism and seem to pretend to be able to think and surmise from their intellectual vacuum that socialism is better. Yep. Truth and history mean nothing to the fools on the left.

One of the contributors at Do The Right Thing has written a most excellent piece in regards to oil prices dropping. It is a must read. In conjunction with the DTRT piece, the Eagle Forum has a nice entry worthy of checking out.

Is anyone getting sick and tired about the Leftinistra rambling on about how McCain is in bed with Big Oil and then leaving the Goracle out of that equation?

We have the insanely unstable folks at Talk Garbled whining about how McCain stated that CONgress should come back into session and out of recess and worried that Czarbama going on vacation before a convention is hazardous to one's campaign and referred to John F'n Kerry.

Uncle Fester thinks all is lost and has thrown in the towel but "Beastly" is just plain loco.

Yes. The #dontgo Revolution is having the affects on the moonbats and we have a new parody to display on the BTR circuits tomorrow! The lyrics are by Scott from SC and performed by JimmyZ.