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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Gang of Ten: Rinoectomy Required


In a previous post located here entitled, #dontgo v Gang of 10, one of the comments from one of our readers had this to say:
I hate Rinos. I really really really really really really hate Rinos. These are the ones who are responsible for destroying the Republican Party. These are the ones who we think of when we talk about the conservative party being dead. We need to perform a Rinoectomy on the Republican Party immediately.
The post commented on was about the Gang of Ten either inadvertently or purposefully trying to derail the #dontgo movement that has the Leftinistra on the run and on the defensive. The Movement exposed to the American People just who and what the alleged "democrats" stand for. It has also unearthed some RINOs.

I have concluded the following. After the Mother of All Brothel Dwellers, aka Speaker of The House, Pelosi pulled her little tamper tantrum stunt by turning of the lights, the microphones and the CSPAN cameras so the American People would not find out just what she was up to, the Rightosphere exploded and the word got out anyway. So, seeing that the Old Media decided not to cover the outrage and seeing that the Rightosphere decided that this was our moment to seize - and did - apparently, the RINOs decided that they could not have the attention stolen away from them. Thus, the Gang of Ten.

Notice to the Gang of Ten Idiots - henceforth the GOTI: we don't want a compromise. We want the Leftinistra defeated, run over, trampled down, diluted and buried never to be heard from again. All "bipartisan" means is that the GOP, all in the name of Nice-Nice, bends over and does their best Rover impression. All a "compromise" means is the Democrats get it their way. Their attitudes for the past 3+ decades is this: it is our way or the highway.

It is time that the GOP take the cajones that they sprouted all of a sudden on 01 AUG 08 and build on that and step it up a notch. We have those responsible for the high costs of EVERYTHING over a barrel and now is not the time to compromise! Why compromise when we are winning?

We don't want to hear, as we did from Rep Frank Wolf, that we don't know how it works in DC and that we have to understand the "will of Congress". The "will of the Congress"? Where is that in the United States Constitution? We don't want to hear about "your friends". Your salary is not paid to you for you to make friends in DC. That is not your job to make friends in DC. Your job is to do the will of the American People, right or wrong. Period. End of discussion.

Your job is not to "save the planet". That isn't your MOS. You are not God. The planet has survived on its own without your help and, in case you haven't noticed, every time government gets involved with pretty much everything, that "project" turns to crap. Hint: socialist security, unemployment "insurance", welfare, medicaid, medicare, education "loans", bailing out banks, bailing out investors, bailing out idiots that bought houses they could not afford, and the list goes on ad nauseum.

Your job, ladies and gentlemen is to OBEY the will of the people, the very ones that elected you to perform their bidding regardless of how you feel. And THAT is indeed Constitutional and THAT is what the United States Constitution so stipulates. Get over it.

Remember, we are watching you and you are OUR employees and many of you are hereby fired and we are starting with the Gang of Ten RINOs. Begin packing your bags. A BTR show host broke this story and look where it is now. We are much more "stronger" than you care to realize and we are getting stronger day by day.

Get used to us in your faces.

By the way, your alleged "friends" across the aisle have their strings pulled by these people and I like what Weasel Zippers says about them. You'll have to go over there to read it. When your "friends" supporters send threatening letters to YOUR supporters in order to perform some sort of electoral extortion, is that not indicative of an "unfriendly" act by proxy or association?

When your "friends" supporters say that the American People are stupid and that our Troops are pretty much a bunch of losers, is it these type in which you place your "trust" and want to reach out to and for? Perhaps we should make a new movie just for you: the Five Stooges.

As progress to free America of foreign oil is on the brink of success, you all want to cut the effort off at the knees? To what end? To what purpose? Is it because the Lower House pulled a "smoothy" and stole your thunder? Is it an ego problem? If so, perhaps you are in the wrong line of work. Prepare to vacate the premises because you are fired.

And another thing. Isn't it true that Mike Gravel used to be one of your "friends"? Your "friend" is now espousing illegal stalking maneuvers to obtain favor of some sort. So, if you have friends such as these, do we really need your kind? I think not.

Your "friends" across that aisle you are so proud bending over for also has supporters that are involved in other electoral extortion activities and you feel "comfortable" reaching over across the aisle for, what, again? Pretty strange aren't they, these "friends" of yours? And why are your "friends" so eager to slander, slur and demean Jon Voight? We don't like your choice of friends. Neither does the WSJ.

While we are at it, here is another example of those that support your "friends" to whom they cater and pander to. Aren't they sweet?
A hit piece on Vets for Freedom's Back to Iraq trip came out today posted on both Salon.com and the Huff Po. It's two titles are "Embedded Reporters or Republican activists?" and "Obama-attacking, Pro-McCain group gets free trip to Iraq" the first is a reasonable construct, the second is a horseshit lie. I don't hold the writer, Alex Koppelman, responsible for the titles, but he is surely responsible for the innuendo and slurs contained in the piece. Upon reading it this morning I danced a little jig, because I knew the attack was coming and I couldn't believe how weak it was. But since it will get huge play in the fever swamps I soldiered up and began the rebuttal. I contacted the two sources he quoted, Chris Hanson of U of Maryland and Kelly McBribe of Poynter Institute. I will advise once I have spoken with them. I also contacted Alex himself and he was courteous enough to call me. The problem was, he wanted to talk off the record. I know, I laughed myself, a journo who won't go on the record with a knuckledragger like me. He said he had to consult his editor and they determined a live conversation taped so neither of us could be mis-quoted, was far too dangerous. Instead could I email some questions. Heh. [...]
And nothing is said of the Nanna from Pink City as she gallivants across the country on America's dime in her tax-paid-for Big Bird book tour? Do you know how much that cost the American People? I sure wish I could spend close to $50K on a private airliner. Then again, there could very well be valid reasons for Speakerless Oompa Loompelosi to run away and Yid With Lid has those documented. In short, here is the brief synopsis: She went to buy an air pressure gage for her tires; Personally autographing each copy of her book that comes off the press; Bret Farve. You notice that the closure of Congress coincided with Bret Farve showing up at Packer Training Camp; American Idol Auditions. Simon, Paula and Randy are choosing new contestants; Hey The Olympics Are On; Face Lift. She is secretly having a face lift and needs the recovery time. Sounds good to me. Everything else just doesn't make any sense.

Then again, your "friends" like these idiots, too. Nothing like deciding to allow something by not allowing it and then saying that you achieved something by reaching across the aisle being all giddy that you just screwed yourself and the American People and being all happy about it.

John McCain said this: "Behind all the words, Senator Obama's agenda can be summarized as this: Government's too big, he wants to grow it; taxes are too high, he wants to raise 'em; Congress spends too much, and he proposes more; we need more energy, and he's against producing it; we're finally winning in Iraq, and he wants to forfeit. The bottom line, Senator Obama's words, for all their eloquence and passion, don't mean all that much.”

In contrast, here is what the Senate RINOs say: "We know that there is a problem but we really don't care because we are reaching across the aisle making history while America suffers because of it. Besides, the Lower House rebellion wasn't our idea so, actually, it is dumb. Look at us. We aren't fighting." Yeah. We see that. Like RWN stated today: "Lindsey Graham is why Republicans lose." No doubt.