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Monday, August 4, 2008

Since When Is Exposing Truth An Attack?


David Zublick has a piece posted at Heading Right and America Talks. I find it oddly curious that whenever Czarbama is shown to be a liar, crook and charlatan, his handlers and fellow sloths consider it an attack. To me, an attack would be saying something about Czarbama that was not true yet passing it off as Truth. You know, like what Czarbama does to McCain or anyone else that gets in his way.

The misleading headlines around the internet that Gore made, Nancy's words not mine, are as follows: Poll: McCain's Attack Strategy Paying Dividends...you can call them attack ads if you so desire but what they actually are is explaining to the American People and the world what an empty suit Czarbama is.

David Zublic ends his piece thusly:
[...] As some have stated, this election is not McCain versus Obama. It’s Obama versus himself. And John McCain needs to point out the dangers of electing someone who fancies himself a god. [END]
Czarbama summed up in three sentences is quite a feat. The accuracy of those three sentences are uncanny in their context. I guess we should consider them "attacks"? Not hardly. Truth stings at times.

Nevertheless, the Truth Ads that the McCain Camp has issued these past few weeks are deadly aimed and intensely accurate. In some way, I hope that the following application is accurate. I will leave that up to others to decide but, for the time being, I believe so.

The recent activity of the GOP in regards to the Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less campaign is not a "stunt" but a brave and courageous step that we conservatives have been demanding, hoping and praying for...for a very long time. This recent "stone growing", I believe, is in conjunction with the McCain Camp stepping it up a bit. Czarbama and the Leftinistra need to be stopped in their tracks and stopped hard and stopped fast. It is going to hurt but that cannot be helped.

As is evidenced by a piece by Cenk Uygur at the Leftinistra hang out called Huff and Puff, they realize that Czarbama has got got and he has got got hard. He is between a rock and another rock with bigger rocks rolling in his general direction. He has nowhere to go but down and away, slipping into the Great Abyss of Obscurity - reluctantly, naturally.

The article I am talking about is entitled, "Why John McCain Has Caught Barack Obama and What Obama Can Do About It". I have a suggestion. He can bow out now, gracefully and shrink back to Chicago where his "questionable antics" and associations will welcome him back into the Al Capone collective. That would be a good start.

With that said, here are the first two paragraphs of the "packed full of dashed hopes of change we cannot accept".
There are two principal reasons why John McCain has caught Barack Obama in the national polls. 1) McCain has changed the whole conversation about this election into one question - do you want to vote for or against Obama? This is genius. Obama needs to switch the conversation if he wants to win. 2) Obama has only played defense so far and has not attacked at all. This is weakness and a sure-fire way to lose an election.

The question in this election should be whether Americans want another four years of Republican rule. We just went through a disastrous eight years and the Republican nominee agrees with the president who brought us that disaster on nearly every single issue. McCain wants even more tax cuts, even more war, even more rights for oil companies and even larger deficits. Do the American people want four more years of that? [...]
More lies in print. The entire article misses the mark totally. Czarbama has got got because the American People are beginning to see straight through the upstart Czarbama and witnessing his inability to lead and speak coherently without a teleprompter. They see and hear him change positions faster than our Troops WISH they could change their socks. They see and hear him hold two differing positions on a wide variety of issues in the SAME interview. They see and hear him travel to other nations and besmirch our country and its people and its Troops on foreign soil after he said that he would never do that.

Czarbama got got because he is a liar. End of discussion. BDS has started to come home to roost. A political party can only live on hate of another for so long before that cancer of hate devours its owners.