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Friday, August 8, 2008

And The #dontgo Beat MovesOn and Bowls Down The Slag


Now that the MoveOn response to the #dontgo movement has flooped faster than Czarbama can flip, the #dontgo movement Soldiers On!

I have spent many hours today monitoring the poor things that have spent many hours foaming at the mouth since the Republican Party Leadership began exposing the Democrat Party Leadership for what they are - whiners, liars, crooks and deceivers. Quite a few have already thrown in the towel because Czarbama does not have a commanding lead pointing towards a victory in November. And, knowing that the Leftinistra will RARELY if ever stick with an underdog, they are slowly slinking back under their rocks. I have confirmed this apparent attitude among college age students at the various universities I intrude upon Monday thru Friday. Good. The Beast will run away when encountering something bigger than itself.

It is becoming more and more apparent each and every day that the #dontgo movement, co-founded by a staunch Libertarian (no one is perfect), is having a Grassroots affect which this Nation hasn't seen since The Great Awakening. And no, I am not implying that the #dontgo movement is on an equal par with TGA on the levels of religiosity. I am talking about the zeal and excitement.

Having said that, we must be aware that emotional rants cannot be sustained for lengthy periods of time. Case in point? Czarbama. Czarbama ran on the appeal to emotion "Rather" than to the appeal of the intellect. As Czarbama was seen as not being light years ahead of McCain in the self-vaunting polls, much to the chagrin of his handlers, the once regal and respected Lame Stream Media went on a tear and fawned all over Czarbama in a vain attempt to rekindle the emotional gravy train to victory. It failed. The vast majority of Americans are sick and tired of hearing about The One Czarbama. Enter Main Street Media.

We Conservative bloggers and BTR show hosts are the New Media - the NEW Main Stream Media - the Main Street Media. (NOTE: Main Street Media terminology was coined by General Rachel of BTR lore.) I would also like to point out that the Republican bloggers, the Libertarian bloggers and the everyday-run-of-the-mill democrats are also part of this Main Street Media. They have not partaken of the MoveOn kool-aid, plain and simple.

Speaker Pelosi performed another drive by response to the vast majority of Americans and has confirmed her lunacy and her blatant disregard of the American People. However, the American People know she and her ilk are wrong and are not standing idly by any longer as the photos reveal. Wherever Speaker Pelosi shows up to pimp her failed book, Americans are showing up letting her know that we are on to her.

In response to her drive by shenanigans, the Heritage Foundation exposes her incoherent, babbling and cherry-picked half truths - btw half-truths are intended to distract, mislead and are by default, lies. In the original drive-by posting by the worst approved of Speaker in US history, they responded to her 9-point 10-point rhetoric. Since then, the Speaker finally included the Missing Link. That missing Link is now #9...how fitting. Remember the old Beatles tune Number Nine?

9.) Democrats are committed to helping families across America who struggle to pay their home heating bills during the winter months through the LIHEAP program. Will House Republicans support it? Will Senate Republicans stop blocking it? Will John McCain vote for it? And will President Bush sign it?

FYI, LIHEAP is appropriately named...a heap of manure. It is one more in a long list of socialist programs, none of which have ever resulted in anything positive except to increase taxes and burdens of the American People. It is a give-away program to replace common sense and that is why the COnservatives will not support it.

Dear San Fran: the answer lies in INCREASING supply and REDUCING the price. Period. Simple economics, San Fran. Simple economics. And it has been the historic fact that the DEMOCRATS have fought for over 30+ years to reduce the costs of fuel at the pumps. That is a cold, hard fact which is easily proved. You have been had by your own rhetoric. It has come to a head and must be festering puss-pod of the DNC will have to be lanced and the boil treated for infection. The lancing will be accomplished on election day.

Please check out the Heritage Foundation's terribly accurate trouncing of the Speaker's ignorant drive-by piece designed to defraud the American people and pander to the far-left eco-nazis linked above.

The #dontgo movement is here to stay Speaker Nanna and we will NOT ease up. You are on notice and you have been had.