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Tuesday, August 5, 2008



OK folks...if you haven't done so yet, sign this petition called "CALL CONGRESS BACK" put into place by Rep Cantor. So far, as of 0453 CST, there was 6343 signatures in less than 12 hours. This is OUR time, OUR House, OUR Congress, OUR oil and WE say when to drill and what to do with it and NOT Nazi Nanny.

Much to the chagrin of the Leftinistra hacks of The Other One Georgie Soros, the socialist capitalist - an oxymoron or, just a socialist pig moron - there haven't been any "windfall profits" of the alleged Big Oil that The Goracle profits from. The proof is here and several other locations. The One Czarbama wants to tax the hell out of those evil profit takers and cost the country untold billions in just another failed Leftinistra program...name me ONE that has worked and I just might go along with Czarbama's plan. The main issue with his "windfall theft" is that the oil companies will just turn around and pass the cost to the consumer which will RAISE the cost of fuel, not lower it. Only idiots cannot see that.

The One Czarbama made a fool out of himself, once again, in a speech which can be watched here if you have the stomach for over 30 minutes of sheer stupidity. As San Fran Nazi Nanny Ninny and Czarbama Troll of Soros vomit their "udder" stupidity, all we hear is the same crap we have heard for 30+ years..."it will take too long". And? If you are in the middle of the street and an 18-wheeler is heading in your direction, will you just stand there because if you try to get out of the way you might not make it so staying put is a safe bet? That is just pure stupidity right there. The Party of non-action is the democrat Party and always has been and always will be. Why? Because they are socialists/communists and all they care about is control and power. Nothing else at all matters to the Enemies of The State.

A Newt One started the Air Pressure Gauge Campaign and it is catching on like wild fire.
An inability to comprehend context appears to have broken out among the Leftosphere. Apparently, none of our colleagues on the port side of the blogosphere can figure out why Barack Obama's suggestion that the energy crisis could be solved through tire inflation and tune-ups was such a gaffe, or why the John McCain campaign's distribution of pressure gauges skewers Obama. One blogger goes so far as to point out that the Bush administration actually recommends that motorists inflate tires properly for efficient use of gasoline. [...]
Gee. They have been reading us lately. Good. The idiots on the left just don't get the simple things. I will leave the imagination and the nuance of retarded libtards up to the reader.

Not only does Czarbama flop over his flip and changes directions as per his inept handlers, he is a total dunce and incapable to lead a gnat to fruit. He wants to transform the military into green-bots. I guess that is why he wants his private Civilian National Security Force. I suppose they can all turn their weapons in for air pressure gauges now because when we talk to Iranian idiots everything will be just F.I.N.E..

As the GOP Rebellion continues with the mounting pressure on the Troll Nancy, folks can run over here and discuss Czarbama's pathetic ramblings on energy and how dumb he thinks everyone is. Well, we all know his supporters are indeed that dumb...my bad. Go there anyway.

As Czarbama's Civilian National Security Force candidates lick his shorts, the air pressure gauge makers are rolling in capitalist cash. No wonder the socialist hacks are upset...THEY aren't making the money! TAX THEM ALL TO HELL!!! Czarbama's "energy plan" is nothing more than the same crap on a different day. There is no substance to it and if my 14 year-old can figure it out - well... And, as the whiners of the left have realized too late that they have been steamrolled, they begin to cry like Reid does when he takes his ball and goes home, sulking on Nann's panties.

And yes, we WILL bury the Leftinistra over this issue because the American People have spoken and some CONgress Critters have gotten the message...they work for us and not the other way around, "us" meaning We The People. San Fran Nazi Nancy doesn't like that. I suppose this is why she performed a cowardly drive by packed full of ignorant lies aimed at her idiot supporters.
Democrats offered a real solution to high energy prices that would bring immediate relief within 10 days by forcing the President to free our oil from the nation's stockpile. The Republicans propose to giveaway public lands to Big Oil, which will not immediately reduce the price at the pump and save Americans only 2 cents 10 years from now. This Republican hoax is unworthy of the serious debate we must have to reduce the price at the pump and promote energy independence. [...]
What an idiot. The "hoax" is your intelligence you lying piece of crap! YOU promised the American People LOWER fuel costs in your campaigns of 2006 and it has DOUBLED since then. Is twice as much less than the original? Where did you go to school to learn that? And, your "release the STRATEGIC oil reserve" is only good for MAYBE a week, moron. I cannot believe that there are idiots that will swallow her tripish stupidity.

Check out the intense post at SC&A. WHEW! And, while you are at it, check out why Czarbama is talking out of his butt when he says he is interested in drilling - now. And, let us not forget that oil prices are falling and the reasons why. It is called weather and the fact that the world is seeing that America WILL get its own oil and tell those that are holding the American People hostage have been placed on notice. It is indeed that simple.

More at Memeorandum...more pathetic ramblings of ignorant fools here...and even more here about the tire pressure campaign that A NEWT ONE started...