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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Three C's: Pelosi's Disingenuous Ramblings


The Other One, Speaker Pelosi, abandoned the American People and went on vacation to pimp her floundering book, Know Your Power. The first thing that ran through my mind about this title was, how about knowing your responsibilities? Then how about knowing your limitations? That set aside, while Americans are needlessly paying astronomical prices for fuel for our vehicles, Nanna is off pretending that she actually cares about something other than the evil capitalistic manner of which her book is tanking.

She was interviewed by the Washington Compost today and the entire transcript is offered up here. In this interview, she, Nanna, exposed her true "isms". In the image to the left, one will find Nanna's Three C's that Nanna says she espouses. When I read this transcript, everything I read after this point is not computing. I will have to digest this in full before I can MoveOn.
Fargo, North Dakota: Do you believe that members of the US House should vote the way their constituents want them to vote?

Nancy Pelosi: I always encourage incoming Members of Congress to follow the three Cs - the Constitution, their conscience, and their constituents - and remind them that their title and their job description are the same: representative.

It is up to each elected official to balance their responsibilities to the three Cs and to explain that balance to their constituents. We will not always agree with our elected officials 100% of the time, but we can expect them to do what they believe is right.
She sure can speak those buzz words like Ron Paul can, doesn't she? Let us parse this.

First off, she has no understanding of the United States Constitution, or, she does and can craftily disavow it while giving the pretense that she is honoring it and complying with it. The vast majority of Americans are demanding that the Congress address this oil crisis and are demanding that the Congress conduct the nation's business at OUR will and NOT theirs. So far, everything she has espoused as a potential policy and/or procedure cannot be reconciled with the United States Constitution. Not one single item. Prove me wrong if you are able.

As for conscience, what does that have anything to do with anything? It is the will of We The People that is to drive that which Congress does or does not do whether or not Congress thinks otherwise. Right or wrong, the Congress is to do OUR bidding and NOT the other way around. Period. End of discussion. We The People don't give a damn how Congress feels about anything. That is not their job. Their job is explicitly explained and detailed in the United States Constitution.

And, another thing. When she tells her fellow Democrats in "swing states" and "districts at risk" to LIE to their constituents to retain or win power and then plan on GOING BACK ON THEIR WORD, that is intellectual depravity. That is what makes up the leadership of the Leftinistra, the armies of the socialist liberal...liars and pimps of destruction. Period. End of discussion. Conscience? Please.

Her comment about constituents is absolutely laughable. When we call her, her office hangs up on us. All we ask is for her to turn the damn lights, microphones and cameras back on so We The People can witness the nation's business being conducted. Just because Nanna didn't WANT the American People witnessing that which Nanna wrought, she once again went against her word in regards to the most open and ethical Congress in history. Nanna? Lying to your constituents to promote your ill-fated agenda is certainly not taking into consideration the will of We The People in your districts.

As soon as I can get through the rest of that article, I will comment on the rest of the deplorable and pathetic and evident lies. Simply amazing.