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Monday, November 17, 2008

All According To Plan...The Theater of War In Iraq


This post written about at the Village Voice.

Iraqi Cabinet approves 2011 deal
Prospects of U.S. forces legally remaining in Iraq for three more years improved Sunday when the Iraqi Cabinet passed an agreement setting a 2011 deadline for an American pullout. Iraq's fractious parliament must still approve the deal, and it is expected to vote by the end of the month. Iraq's Cabinet overwhelmingly approved the pact after 11 months of negotiations to allow American forces to remain beyond the end of this year. [...] read the rest
As so was The COIN Plan by the ingenious General David Petraeus. More at Memeorandum...but Al Sadr is upset about it. That's what sore losers do...get upset.

Breathtaking Video: The Surge Worked...indeed it did regardless what the fraud Obama said about it many times before he HAD to admit it worked, reluctantly; the coward that he is. And, just so you will all know, my eldest son was part of that Surge that worked.

The above is a before and after display of sacrifice, courage and sheer hard work

Obama should be ashamed of himself but he won't be. Neither will Murtha, Reid or Pelosi and the rest of the socialist whores in DC.

"The Iraq War is Over. We Won."
Though he'd been on a mission all day and was about to drop, Mike Yon just called from Iraq to let me know that the war is over, and we've won. Whatever it is that is left of violence, there isn't combat. Roughly half of the men in the unit of the 10th Mountain Division he was out on missions with are veterans with previous tours of Iraq and Afghanistan, and in eight months into their deployment in southern Baghdad, they haven't fired a single bullet in combat. Our soldiers in Iraq have played many roles and worn many hats, but it seems that their primary role now is that of a peacekeeper, providing support to a government and a people that seem increasingly capable of handling their own affairs. We can declare victory because President Bush wouldn't quit on his troops. If Barack Obama had his way, a triumphant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi would have had a chance to have made the same claim over the Caliphate of Iraq. Glenn Reynolds has more.
No wonder Obama and ilk are silent. They were on the WRONG side of this issue and don't have the moral fortitude to admit it. I can hardly wait for my book to hit the streets!

Gateway Pundit has photos and other videos. So does Hot Air. Glen Reynolds has a piece up at PJM via Memeorandum...

Zombietime Blog declares 22 NOV 2008 as V-Day Iraq.

And so our Troops can rub the noses of the cowards that tried 40+ times in all of 2007 to lose this war and disgrace our Troops. Shame on them all and may they all rot in hell for it.

Well done Troops. Well done.