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Monday, November 17, 2008

Excommunicating The RINOs


I'm not buying into ALLAHPUNDIT's take on Romney in 2012. Why get ANOTHER RINO on the ticket? We have seen how they fare in the elections haven't we? Does 2006 and 2008 ring a bell? DING DONG! Avon calling! He doesn't like Palin or Jindal for 2012. He says they are too boiler plate. SIGH. Ialso didn;t hear the "new conservative" ideas he was alluding to either. I heard your basic Conservative Principles and Ideologies but I didn't hear anything "new". Methinks Patrick Ruffini is correct. We need to focus on 2010 first. Things change. Whatever happens, Mitt Romney is most assuredly not a Conservative's Conservative. Not by any stretch of the imagination no matter the scope and purity of the hallucinogenic taken. Playing at Opossum isn't all that smart either.

I find it interesting that foreigners that have come to this country learn faster than our own but, then again, look at our pathetic Government Sanctioned Reeducation Camps we call schools. No wonder the kids are so screwed up.

"Both" genre of socialist - Democrat and Republican - have that invisible Constitution. We need to burn that damn thing. Speaking of burning, every word that David Harsanyi yammers and spews needs to be burned as well. The guy is a flake. Now, Ramesh Ponnuru is another story. Like I said. Most foreigners get it. This guy doesn't. They must read that invisible constitution.

Nancy Salvato says that True Patriots put their country first. I agree. Party Hacks make me ill. I wrote of this earlier...Ted Nugent calling for what JPA calls a Rinoectomy. DC has an infection or an epidemic of idiots called RINOs...they have some odd belief that it is they that are Conservatives. Crazy stuff that. As the Pelosi Team shifts further left, the RINOs will as well until there exists absolutely no line of demarcation between the Democrat and Republican. This cannot be allowed to go unchallenged and undefeated because the rumors of the death of Conservatism just isn't true...life support, yes...death no.

One glimmer of hope of a successful RINOectomy is the attacks on the unconstitutional McCain-Feingold atrocity. I wrote about this many times as well and knew back then that it would only enable the Party of Corruption and Death to win elections and thew Party of RINOs to lose. Imagine that...I was right all along. What is it about DC that exhumes and reeks of a Crime Syndicate?

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