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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Double Standards Of The Day Post


Gateway Pundit has a post up detailing the KY voting fraud debacle. Apparently, because a moron liberal is going to lose, the Democrat Party legislature is going to throw out votes from select areas to ensure a victory for their guy. Imagine that? NOTE: in other areas where voter fraud is clearly obvious and their guy is winning (go figure), those votes are not being thrown out. This is merely one more example in a long list of examples that the only way DNCers can win is when they lie, cheat and steal - SOP for socialist thugs and anti-Americanist cretins.

Patrick Ruffini has a piece up detailing how the Marxists at the Daily KOSmonoffs are upset because the Democrats aren't socialist enough for their liking. There is no pleasing this class of moonbat.

Trevor Loudon chronicles that the socialists in Australia are applauding the socialist victory in the USA but the victors here claim that they aren't socialists while the KOS Kids whine otherwise. Amazing.

Walter Alarkon has a piece up relating how powerful Hawaii is going to be in DC. Didn't Hawaii want to cede from the Union? Oh. Wait. Never mind.

Manu Raju has a piece up relating how Obama is exerting his new power. New power? Has he been sworn in already? The Electoral College met already? Before Thanksgiving? And why are fools calling him President Elect? Was President Bush referred to as President Elect or Governor Bush before he was elected? Oh. Wait. That's right. Bush "stole" those elections. I forgot. Idiots. And, didn't Obama say that until 1/20/09 there is only one President and that he is ready to rule from day one? When did Day One start?

Seeing that economy is theoretically in the toilet - and it isn't - Obama has vowed to perpetuate the Global Warming Myth (fraud) - WAIT! The CLIMATE CHANGE Myth and fraud - and drive the economy further into a spiraling downward trend. Good job moron.

The ACLU has started to whine that minority students are arrested more than non-minority students. Maybe the non-minority students should break the law more to make it more equal?

Mike's America wants to know why the Obama voters are so dumb. Well, that would be the Media Bias that the idiot on Fox News said didn't exist. I suppose Smith is gunning for a job at MSLSD.

If there was ever a group to com[pletely ignore about the United States Constitution, it is THIS MOONBAT and I mean that as sincerely as I can. Ignore this fool. Socialist-Marxist despise the US Constitution and will twist it to suit their own retarded agenda.

Newsweek waits until after the election to begin to ask questions about the slime-ball and illegal alien Obamamamamamama. The libtards are not at all happy about this. But, who cares? They are dumber than crates of turtle turds.

Al Franken is apparently going to lose so he headed to DC to fraternize with fellow skanks to raise funds from Soros and friends to see about "winning". Imagine that?

Obama isn't a Muslim - AHEM! - but the Moooozlims of the USA voted for him...wink-wink and nod-nod. Must have been name recognition or something.

Andrew Fell tells the tale that the LA Times wants to see Obama's resume. Really? Release the tape and I'll send it to you.

That will be enough for now. I am sure there will be more to follow shortly.