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Sunday, November 16, 2008

BDS v ODS or Black Helicopter Democrats v Black Helicopter Republicans


The ODS and Black Helicopter Republicans labels crack me up. Let's take a look at a few things shall we?

President Bush has endorsed and created the unconstitutional financial bail-out quagmire. I say unconstitutional because nowhere within the US Constitution does the federal government get the authorization for this action. Nowhere. And I challenge anyone to find it. The White House has since stated that it isn't "socialistic" to bail out every business that goes under. Now we learn that the bail out money isn't even going towards that which it was originally intended. Then again, it was never clearly stated where that money was going after it was unconstitutionally slated to go into the black hole of DC politics...was it? Is that BDS? Um, no, it is not. It is fact. And, FWI, that $700B has turned into $5T with no explanations coming from anyone, especially the Federal reserve which is also unconstitutional, by the way.

Time Ragazine has compared Barack Hussein Obama to Jesus Christ. I would classify that as ODS. What say you?

A "lost tribe" of Obama has made itself known. Is this ODS? You betcha.
It will be interesting to see if everyone wants to claim this guy as a relative four years from now.He has a host of relatives in exotic locations from Hawaii to Kenya, and during his run for the American presidency he discovered that he had an aunt living in Boston. [...]
It has been shown that the Obama Platform and the platform of CPUSA is identical. Is this ODS? No. It is fact.

It has been shown that Obama wants FOCA as Rule of Law. He thinks infanticide is just OK, hunky-dory and quite alright. Is this ODS? No. It is fact.

It has been shown that any and all "controversial" issues that may cause Czarbie problems are scrubbed from his web sites. Is this ODS? No. It is fact. Remember the Change dot gov site? All that revealed was aping that which Obama, Rahm and the US DC quagmire has been trying for quite some time. Wake up.

The Leftinistra (Armies of the Socialist Liberal) are planning to convene War Crime investigations against President Bush when there is absolutely no evidence of such "criminal" activity. Is this BDS? Yes it is. I have had discussions via email, comments and one-on-one with liberals that think the Bush-Cheney Administration committed war crimes bit NONE have been able to giver viable examples. None. Every time this was brought up in DC by the Congress Critters, it never went anywhere. Why? Because they do not exist. They are fabrications by idiots. Is this BDS? Yes. It is.

Obama has started naming people to positions and calling them Czars. How many Czars do we need? Is this ODS? No. It is not. When the words are his own, what would YOU call it?

There is an unprecedented power grab going on in DC right under our noses and has been for decades. Is this ODS? No. It is fact. It is historical fact.

When Global Socialists applaud Barack's victory, is this ODS or BDS? It is ODS. Barack is in fact a Marxist. Is this ODS? No. It is not. It is fact. IS that something to worry about? Yes. It is. He doesn't just lean Left, he is left of the American Leftists. That is not ODS. That is fact. And, what is the track record of Leftists? Answer that and your ODS garbage will fade into nothingness right where it belongs.

I find it incredulous that theoretical conservatives want us all to "wait until something happens" before we raise the red flags of warning. That is what has been wrong with the GOP/RNC for years. They wait until something happens to do anything about the wrong thing about to come to pass and it is usually too late to correct the whatever it is. Remember Shamnesty? Wake up people.

I think the biggest issue these poor things are concerned about is the alleged Civilian National Security Forces Obama brought up and the apologists are side tracking because "it isn't what he meant to say". Oh, really? Remember Rahm Emanuel in 2006? Please at least try and pay attention here. OK? Here we go.

On July 29th, 2008, I wrote a piece entitled, "National Service Act: Czarbama's CNSF?". In that piece, a piece of legislation was referred to entitled "Universal National Service Act of 2007", affectionately termed as HR 393. That can be found here.
To require all persons in the United States between the ages of 18 and 42 to perform national service, either as a member of the uniformed services or in civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security, to authorize the induction of persons in the uniformed services during wartime to meet end-strength requirements of the uniformed services, to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to make permanent the favorable treatment afforded combat pay under the earned income tax credit, and for other purposes.
Does that not make your skin crawl? Hello? Is it constitutional to demand and to require or mandate PUBLIC service? No. It is not. Should we wait until it becomes law to "whine about it"? Not hardly. Should we start screeching about it NOW instead of THEN? Yes. We should. Is this ODS? Only to an idiot. The most alarming statement is the "and for other purposes" statement. That is "Rather" open-ended don't you think?

So, take the statements of Rahm Emanuel which will be part of an unconstitutional Obama Presidency (if he is not a US citizen - and he isn't) that has publicly stated that a compulsory mandated Public Service will be the order of the day and rule of law through "proper legislation", coupled with that which Barack Hussein Obama has stated many, many times, coupled with that which is in committee at this very moment, and what do you have? An unconstitutional quagmire in the making and fools want us to sit back and wait until it happens. Simply amazing. Everything I have written on this subject is located right here for the time being. It is all so obvious but some are oblivious and they are that way on purpose. They are afraid they may wound a subversive's sensibilities. Too bad.

Remember the Thugocracy of The One? The Obama Goon or Truth Squads? Are we to let bygones be bygones because that was then and this is now? Not hardly. Go ahead and wrap your self up in that Ostrich Syndrome there slick. When was the last time a Conservative or even a Republican committed such atrocities? Come on, slick. Belly up to the bar and at least pretend you are aware of your surroundings.

Two American terrorists that whine that they didn't do enough are celebrating Obama's victory. Is this ODS? No. It is fact. Barack causes American blood to run chilled. Is that ODS? No. It is fact. Why is it fact? Because idiots say to let things go until things happen. Cowards yammer such idiocy.

Barack lying his ass off about Israel is ODS? No. It is fact. Wake up. Idiots siding against Israel - just like Czarbie - is ODS? Not hardly.

Worrying about Czarbie's despicable tax and spend policies plunging us into the Great Depression Part Two is ODS? Not hardly, silly ones. Pay attention to history and learn to recognize the warning signs. Please. Wondering of the similarities of the Obama Yutes and the Yutes of Hitler is ODS? Not hardly. When was the last time ANY GOP candidate anywhere incited such deplorable acts of their followers that the DNCers have conjured up? Come up with at least one. I'll wait.

Worrying about the spendaholic socialists is ODS? Come on. Stop being so stupid. Europe "afraid of a socialist America" is ODS? Really? When Europe is returning to the Right and America swings left of Left, that is ODS? Ja. Don't make me sneer so hard. I would like these self-appointed guardians of ODS announcing sycophants of alleged conservatism state that lame claim to Victor Davis Hanson...to his face. I'll watch and would even pay admission to that cat fight.

Team Obama has "responded" to the History Lesson. Is their response ODS? That depends. How serious are their charges? Read them and you decide. Should we worry? I woulodn't want to be charged with unsubstantiated worries don't you know?

Oh. Before I forget. About Obama's natural-born citizenship status. Oh. Wait. That's just more ODS. I forgot. My bad. The documentation is all so evident, is it not? If there is nothing to hide, why not reveal the proof of Constitutional eligibility that every other Presidential Aspirant displayed? Oh. Wait. ODS. I forgot. Morons.

There are many, many more examples as to why our concerns are not ODS. We have Czarbie's own words and the words of his closest "friends" as well as the actions of his supporters. Again, I ask anyone to provide ANY GOP supporter action that even remotely compares to the actions of your basic Obamabot. Go ahead. Go for it.