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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Deep Thoughts and Considerations


As we enter into the Age of Reform, we should be quivering in our boots as to what that really means. A Democrat Party leader has a very long history of flowering verbiage yet no explanations as to The How or The What. Having looked into the history of Rahm Emanuel, I am sure that Stalin would grant him the Hero of The Soviet Union Award. Seeing that American Tax Dollars are not our own, this leaves little room for negotiating where the money stolen from the American People will be spent on or on what. Have we no voice now?

There are people in this country that are asking what has happened to the greatest country in the world and I just have to laugh ruefully. We have entered not into an age of positive reform but we have entered into a slide into irrelevancy and Third World Status. That is what socialism does to a nation. When the populace are too dumb to care or too dumb to find for themselves who it is they support and why, they are left to the whims of a media that has poisoned its own credibility by violating their own standards and ethics.

In our quest for that which is Right, we must maintain our goal of Traditional America and return to our Founding Documents because they are our Life Line to Freedom and individuality. Socialism takes that away and mires it into the primordial ooze of servitude and enslavement. When foreign nationals with mysterious backgrounds are compared to our National Heroes of our past, the red flags of warning should be waved and displayed often and everywhere. Obama is certainly no Abraham Lincoln.

As the economy begins its spiral into the cesspools of mediocrity due to policies of the Marxist Obama, employers should strike back by firing those that voted for the Marxist. After all, Obama will take care of them as he promised. I am sure this will be seen as mean-spirited and vindictive but, pay backs are a bitch.

As the Obamessiah installs his Cabinet Members, be sure to point out what exactly the Hope and Change is. It is apparently not according to public laments during the campaign drive built upon lies, deceit and outright fraud on every turn. Or is it? Those of us that have been trying to reeducate the emotionally unstable have made headway but we have a long way to go.

As the theoretical "transparent" presidency begins to darken, one has to wonder just what the Grand Plan is and what other "surprises" are in store for those too dumb to vote but voted for the Marxist - because they are too dumb to vote. We can only surmise that this transparency is not the transparency Obama once knew. However, rest assured that by 2025, terrorism won't be a big deal. By 2050, Shar'ia Law will be the Law of The Land here in the USSA and that will be a dream come true for The One. I am sure that by then, terrorism will be a thing of the past.

Today, 19 NOV 2008 is National Ammo Day as so declared by True American Patriots because we are willing to give our lives in the name of Freedom whereas the Enemies of The State are not. They are too cowardly. We are indeed stocking up. And, yes, we are "girding our loins" thanks to the warning by Joe Biden. I am sure that as the bought and paid for media ignores the fact that there is still a war on, the terrorists will eventually make The One and his screed the irrelevant ones. Then again, we all know what kind of "change" Obama means...those of us paying attention, that is. We know what Freedom is and what it means...Obama and his ilk have other intentions and definitions of Freedom which cannot be reconciled with the current US Constitution.

I have heard this asked before and the more and more I look into it, the more and more I am inclined to believe. The question is, "Will the first un-American president end the American dream?" I am saying yes to that. I can see it in his eyes and have for quite some time. His beliefs and stated and written verbiage reveals it but we are to refrain from such statements. It could be considered to be ODS. I suppose that was said of Paul Revere as well and it is a good thing he ignored the fools as he should have. I am wondering if he is losing the Obama Base...viewing these pictures makes one wonder.

Along that train of thought, yes we can make fun of the un-American Barack Hussein Obama contrary to popular thought and beliefs.

As the leftists in this nation refuse to evolve and mandatory health care is crammed down our throats unconstitutionally, I have to stop and reconsider. I used to believe that common sense would eventually break out but apparently I was wrong. There are some that are above the Law and Obama is one of those. His campaign was rife with voter and campaign fraud yet he will not be investigated by anyone. I find that relevantly curious. Which laws will be enforced and which ones ignored and to whom with the Law of The Land apply? Those that comply?

The counter revolution is already in the works and there won't be any stopping it.