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Thursday, November 20, 2008

MSM Contracts ODS


Published at Canada Free Press

Well, well, well. What do we have here? Nancy Gibbs writes in the Leftinistra Rag called Time, owned by CNN: " Some princes are born in palaces. Some are born in mangers. But a few are born in the imagination, out of scraps of history and hope." ... And some are born from the bowels of anti-Americanists such as Saul Alinsky, Uncle Frank and George Soros. She forgot them. Did she just compare Obama to Jesus Christ?

Lisa Miller writes in Newsweek, "Is Obama the Antichrist?" This was written on 15 NOV 08. Where were these "curious articles" before the elections? That is curious as well. Naturally the answer is no because the Anti Christ will fool everyone and the fool hasn't fooled me. Not even remotely. But, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Don't tell these uneducated ones here.

While on the subject of the moosetwits in the "media", Shep is just as much in the dark about the United States Constitution as the dolt Olbernuts at MSLSD. However, he does understand that the auto maker bail out is just another super duper and peachy keen step to national corporate welfare and wonders when it will all stop and who it is that will draw The Line.

Do The Right Thing has a chronology of Pro Life issues that have gone unreported in the media because it casts a shadow on the "tolerant" Obamawhiners including the Chief Proponent of Infanticide himself, Sir Illegal Alien Barack. These acts of the defunct and pillaged media outlest are the very epitome of ODS.

When news outlets censor themselves to not offend Obama, that is ODS. When news outlets brag that their "bias" is what "saved America", that is ODS. Saved America from what? Freedom? For more ODS, refer to the Flopping Aces piece that we covered on my BTR show when the "media" said that Obama was a “Creepy,” “Deeply Manipulative,” “Creature”. Creature? We were led to believe that he was The One. The Messiah. This was reported on 9 NOV 08. Where were they BEFORE the elections?

The media bias in this nation is the result of journalistic malpractice. Of that there can be no doubt. I have been teaching/preaching this for a seeming eternity. When the alleged main stream media compares Obama to Jesus Christ or FDR, that right there is ODS. When the news media will not "offend" by reporting the Logan Act violations of their "zero" which includes negotiating with HAMAS behind the scenes during his campaign, that is ODS.

For more ODS issues not classified "officially" yet by those that ARE suffering from ODS, go to the bottom of this post. You will find a link to the LA Times NOW wondering what Obama's resume might contain and where is it?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen...those of us still fighting this fight have not contracted ODS. The media has had it all along. Get a clue.