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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Look In The Mirror When You Say That


We can always rely on IBD Editorials to say it like it is.

Published at Canada Free Press

Conservatives Who Cry 'Socialism' Should Acknowledge Role They've Played In What Government Has Become
Conservatism's current intellectual chaos reverberated in the Republican ticket's end-of-campaign crescendo of surreal warnings that big government — verily, "socialism" — would impend were Democrats elected. John McCain and Sarah Palin experienced this epiphany when Barack Obama told a Toledo plumber that he would "spread the wealth around." America can't have that, exclaimed the Republican ticket while Republicans — whose prescription drug entitlement is the largest expansion of the welfare state since President Lyndon Johnson's Great Society gave birth to Medicare in 1965; a majority of whom in Congress supported a lavish farm bill at a time of record profits for the less than 2% of the American people-cum-corporations who farm — and their administration were partially nationalizing the banking system, putting Detroit on the dole and looking around to see if some bit of what is smilingly called "the private sector" has been inadvertently left off the ever-expanding list of entities eligible for a bailout from the $1 trillion or so that is to be "spread around." [...] read the rest
AMEN! When you do read the rest, you will get a warm fuzzy. Maybe. If you are a Conservative that is. The again, one needs to know what a Conservative is before one can get that warm fuzzy.

William Rusher at Townhall has a checklist, Richard Viguerie has an extensive tutorial up and has for a very long time, Gunslinger's Journal has an interesting post up or you can just buy the book...take your pick. Some are under the delusion that just because one is a member of the GOP that makes them a Conservative by default. This simply is not so. The GOPers that voted for the unconstitutional bail out bills are most assuredly not true conservatives. I would call them or classify them as CINOs. CINOs and RINOs must go. They need to be kicked out or reformed and I am afraid the reform process would take too long. Excommunication is in order I do believe.

We Conservatives that actually cared enough about the country to fight against an Obama victory in the poles know that Sarah Palin saved McCain from being totally routed. The election wasn't the "overwhelming mandate" some are saying it is. Post election analysis has shown that to be true so get over it you "progressives". We also know that Traditional America is under attack and has been for decades. The problem is that most Conservatives couldn't be bothered with getting involved unless their choice is running. That is shallow and cowardly and we will have to work on ridding them of such ignorance and willful foolishness. The attack can be further evidenced by the insane lunacy self-revealed by Arianna Huffington. That woman has some serious mental issues.

As the title implies, politicians should look into the mirror when they start pointing fingers at people. For decades since Ronaldus Maximus left office, it has become very difficult to differentiate the Republicans from the Democrats with the recent bail-out bill quagmire the obvious indicator. The Global Warming Myth is another issue. Abortion is another issue. One has to look with microscopes in DC to ascertain who is a Conservative and who is not. It would be easier to determine and list those who are not Conservatives and those left over by default just might be Conservatives.

The reestablishment of Conservatism within the GOP and the DNC will begin by reinstating Conservative Leaders in the RNC but that is not enough. A Conservative Tsunami will only take place from the ground up. And yes, I did say the DNC. There are many conservative democrats. There aren't any conservative liberals, progressives or socialists - liberals, progressives and socialists are one in the same. Prove me wrong if you dare.

Mike Pence or Michael Steele or Fred Thompson would be my choices for RNC Chair. However, if Sarah Palin were to throw her name into the pile I would place her above the rest. Not any move back to the Right is good enough for me. It is obvious that the further to the Left the Right has gone, the more elections they lose. If the Right hasn't figured that out yet, I don't know what to tell them other than to resign, go home and let the Big Boys That Know take the helm. It is also painfully obvious that those at the helm currently have run the Conservative Ship aground. I have been saying this since 1996 but folks thought that I was just being too critical. I wonder what they are saying now. James Joyner has a good take on the move to the right.

Ron Simpson has started a new blog called Return to Reagan. I'll second that motion. Any AYES out there? From his other blog:
We need a return to Reagan's principles.

Limited Government
Low Taxes
Secure Borders
National Security
Law and Order
Gun Rights
Educational Choice

We have four years of Obama. Our country survived four years of Carter, but the Obama agenda is going to be much worse. With Reid and Pelosi in charge of Congress, Obama will have a lot of power to push through his Socialist Agenda.

Now is the time to start the fight to reclaim America.
Absolutely. Along those lines, Jim Demint should be the Senate Minority Leader. America Needs Me has this to say:
Step away from the David Brooks or David Frum articles. Don’t listen to another word about what the MSM thinks the Republican party should do to come out of “the wilderness”. Frum, Brooks, Noonan and the MSM are all idiots whose ideologies are barely indistinguishable (Pains me to say that because I used to love Peggy Noonan. Can I get a refund on her books?) from those of any Obama staffer. [...]
Roger that. I expressed similar sentiments here. The bottom line is this...return to Conservative Principles and the electoral victories will come in droves. That is historical fact.

Like I have been saying for almost forever, the LSM (Lame Stream Media) has been instrumental in destroying the GOP as a part of the socialist plot. More of this at Memeorandum.