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Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Confused, The Beguiled and The Brain Dead


A few days ago, the Caliphate News Network claimed that the majority of Americans "welcomed" a majority Democrat Party "rule". Frankly, silly me thought the Constitution mentioned "governed" as opposed to "rule" because this Nation was once "ruled" and we rebelled against that "rule". Odd, that. I suppose it has something to do with Utopia which, loosley translated means No Place. More on that can be found at Memeorandum. Macs Mind calls it a confused electorate. I call it hog wash. I think the "poll" is whitewash for the following, no pun intended.

After 8 years of absolute BDS - unsubstantiated drivel spewing for the mouths of socialist malcontents - Obama NOW wants to get along with everyone. So do his sycophantic and brain dead idiot trolls. Imagine that? Obama has spent quite a bit of time berating our troops, supporting our enemies, violating the Logan Act upon several occasions, conversing with HAMAS DURING his campaign and he now wants to get along with everybody? Sorry. That dog don't hunt, Slick. Photo credit to drillanwr at pd.com. Sorry. Not buying that crap. You might so go right on ahead. Leave me out of it.

The majority of this nation is conservative regardless of what this moron said. I can tell. They stayed home again because a Conservative was not running for President and most of the Republicans (RINOs) are just as bad of spend thrifts that your basic democrat is. Wait and see. TAB has some details you might be interested in.

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