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Sunday, November 16, 2008

How To Fight The One


Just in case Barack Hussein Obama manages to glom onto the White House even though he is ineligible by the United States Constitution, get ready for one constitutional issue after another. He doesn't care one iota about our Constitution and his very tenets and screed supports that allegation. Like Macsmind so asks, "Does Obama Really Want to Take on 56 Million Americans?" He may laugh that off and so may his Goon Squads but in reality, we can make him age more in 4 years than the moonbats aged President Bush in 8 years.

So how do we fight this constitutional menace? Stick to Conservative principles and values. Like the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz, Hussein O will melt when confronted with the United States Constitution. He has already started and he hasn't even been coroneted yet. Along those lines, the Lame Stream Media wants the coronation to be moved to December. I wonder what the Constitution says about that? Oh. Wait.

In light of his own questionnaire for possible job ooportunities in the Obama Kingdom, he couldn't even hire himself unless it is a requirement to be a terrorist sympathizer or a Chicago hood-like background. Stick with those Double Standards, slick Czarbie...we''ll be watching. Unlike the lies told and spread about President Bush, we have already identified all of the obvious and documented Czarbie lies.

As FDR was the Father of American Socialism in the United States, I think it "Rather" appropriate that the Time Ragazine has declared Czarbie as the New FDR. How quaint is that? (photo courtesy Newsbusters)

As we prepare for battle with the unconstitutional (for now) coronation of an illegal alien as president (until he produces a valid birth certificate), we will also have to do battle with the "do-gooders" in the "moderate" circle. They make claims that fighting Obama is equal to ODS - Obama Derangement Syndrome or Black Helicopter Republicans. Those that make such statements clearly do not have the energy to fight on the levels required. These people would never pass muster in any Unit I have ever served in. We called them Yellow Streakers. These were the same that were quiet during the Logan Act violations because it was too hard to write about it I surmise.

The "moderates" would have us "wait until it happens and not let people know what he is up to before hand". I can tell they were never in Real Battle and know nothing of preemptive strikes. I suppose they will be surprised with the looming Internet 91101 Syndrome. I'll not wait until the enemy strikes...that usually means it is too late, especially with the Marxists. No thanks fellas...I'll not follow your lead because what you propose is not leadership. Not even in the weirdest of wet dreams. I have never been tolerant of the Ostrich Syndrome sufferers because they generally bring it upon themselves, no matter what that "it" "IS".

I didn't lose a body part to play nice-nice or to follow the moderate line of anything. It has been my experience that the politically correct and the moderates of the world are the ones that create the atmosphere of war and send us out to fight the wars they could have prevented by standing strong but didn't have the courage to do so.

I agree with John Hawkins: "Come on ... it's not the conservatives with the anger management issues." It isn't those of us on the Right manufacturing anything. We have facts - substantiated and documented facts - and we do not dwell on the emotional and the wishful thinking scenarios. We utilize Czarbie's own words and those of his mentors that he has repeated time and time again.

Get over it and climb aboard or step aside.