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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

E-Day 2008 Is Upon Us All


If you don't vote, don't whine about the outcome. As Americans, we have the obligation and duty to participate in the electoral process. We will choose our Electors today and not the President of the United States. The Electoral College convenes mid-December. So, this election isn't over until the Congress counts the Electoral College votes and that will not take place until after the Electoral College completes its tasks. Remember that. Most Americans don't know this. They aren't taught the real electoral process in this nation and that is, I believe, by design.

The following is Around The Country Via the Electron Trail

From Gateway Pundit, we have the Obama campaign showing their true patriotism, ala Joe Biden. We all know that Obama is just as much a Gaffemeister as Biden is and perhaps that would make them a great comedy team on a late night show on the Comedy Channel...not the two top political jobs of the nation. I suppose that is why Obama has said that he won't be answering any questions until Wednesday. Interesting.

With the ever morphing "tax break for the middle class" and the bankrupting of the coal industry and the purposeful process to control energy use in this nation by causing a skyrocketing dollar drain from our pockets, is it any wonder why Obama was so frightened of Jeremiah Wright? He lacked the political will to leave his church? Seeing that he was afraid of his Pastor, I wonder how he would react - not respond - to another 91101 attack on this nation. Further, the flop of a spin on this coal issue is all too telling of how Obama thrives on failure and hasn't a clue what he is doing...he is out of his league.

We know that Obama is all for infanticide and we know that George Soros the One World Socialist guru is buying this election. We also know that the Ghost of DNC Double Standards has started to come home to roost. The FBI is investigating many actions of Obama supporters and the Obama Campaign and ACORN agencies and members for various cases of FRAUD. Barack Obama has not once renounced or denounced any "apparent illegal" actions and activities...he doesn't have to. He is a Democrat and that means you can never do any wrong.

We also know that Americans that once lived under communist or socialist rule are voting for and supporting John McCain. We also know that no matter what happens today and after the Electoral College convenes and Congress counts their votes, Barack Obama represents the demise of the Democrat Party.
[...] A policy of political repression would destroy or seriously undermine the claim by the Democratic Party to be the champions of dissent. How would the Party answer such a charge? By denial and obfuscation, as can be seen by anyone studying the response by Democrats to the financial meltdown of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Yet truth can be suppressed only so long. And if Andrew Jackson was the Alpha of the Democratic Party, Barack Obama may be its Omega. The intense desire for power, the determination to overcome all opposition, and the passion drove Jackson, that animated Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and Lyndon Johnson may lead Obama to commit acts that might signal the end of the Democratic Party. [END]
The above is how the article ends and the rest of the article explains it all. I suppose he could stem that tide if only he would answer these 10 questions - honestly. However, he is a Democrat and the term "honesty" has been removed from their lexicon. We also know that the pollsters are extremely overconfident. However, there are relatively few and far between that still have a head on their shoulders, even at the NY Slimes. I can hardly wait for the Doonsebury cartoon Obamatard reaction when Obama loses. Their reactions will more than likely be the mirror image of the reactions of the victims of the Pied Piper Obama.

The Marxist Barack has an eerie connotation and a mesmerizing personality and aura similar to Adolph Hitler. Photo credits go to Gateway Pundit for the next two images. Notice the uncanny duplication of the Obama Banner after the banner of the old USSR. It is more than spooky and it is no accident, either. Go ahead and click on the package to the left to enlarge them. Not convinced yet? That is because you have the Obama Disease...all emotion and no intellect.

As history does and will reveal to the serious student of history, all Marxist and Socialist leaders and rulers were hell bent on war either on their own people or other nations. They also brought war upon themselves from the outside. Why? Because they were essentially and historically weak. A Marxist or Socialist leader means depression and war no matter how one tries to spin it.

Barack Obama has lied to the American People 138 times during his campaign and we have caught him at every one.

Keep all these things in mind as you go and vote and don;t take after the Moosetwits in New Hampshire that has given Obama his first lead in this election. Obama won over McCain 15-6 in the traditional first voting in the nation. That being said, the networks have all said that they are going to call the election early because "things are obvious". I just have to snicker at that.

Michelle Malkin speaks clearly:
I’ve felt a renewed purpose among the defenders of ordered liberty and limited government these last few days. I think the tide is turning, and if there were a few more days like we’ve had here lately I would be very confident that things would work out as I’d hoped.

I sure do wish the coal-plant audio had hit early last week. I wish the Palin exoneration had come sooner. I wish MKH’s video, the credit card story, Ayers’ relationship to Cuban Intelligence, the text of Ayers’ book, the Khalidi tape…well, we’ve tried. For good or ill, that part’s over. We’ve made our case. We’ve walked our routes and knocked on doors. We’ve given money. We’ve said our piece. To us is left only the simple duty of voting our conscience and remaining vigilant.

It is out of our hands now, but I do believe it is in someone else’s. And so there is still one more thing left to do.

Pray for our country. By God’s grace, we live in a Republic where we may govern ourselves. Pray God would guide us to do so wisely. [...]
And I couldn't have said this better myself.